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I have a question, but before asking it, I would just like to reiterate that I agree with you that Funcom should warn people before wiping them if it isn’t an obviously malicious build.

That said, I’m curious: how was the performance before the wipes and how is it now after the wipes?


we have had some wiopes on my server but cant say inte mutch of a diferens.

Im not sure about server performance .But i play on that sever.And know one base wich wos destroyed.For me in that area wos so laggy.Btw in rules is sayd"affecting performance- both(server and client sides)".

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I am getting tired of people making a huge deal over the rules, claiming ‘If I only knew’ or stating ‘Man, they didn’t even give me a warning.’ This is utter non-sense, the rules never changed, they were simply rewritten to make it more clear. Funcom posted these rewritten rules in the forum over a month ago and every single person playing the game has to click ‘OK’ every time they log into the game, acknowledging the updated rules. How much more of a warning do they really need to give us?!

If I fly by a sign at 70-MPH, and was going too fast to read that the sign had a clearly posted speed limit of 45-MPH, does the officer owe me a warning when he pulls me over? Of course not! Funcom has given TOO MANY warnings, it’s about damn time that they start cleaning up their servers.

Having a beautiful or elaborate base does not (and should never) make you immune to prosecution. By your own admission:

I feel confident that Funcom did not wipe their bases out of spite as some would have you believe, they were likely causing degradation to server performance. Someone else said it best, a good question to ask yourself regarding building size is: Can everyone else on the server build as big as I have, without a significant hit to the server performance?



Yes-wos to many warnings.Smarter players read and make changes in buildings.One russian clan next day after rules wos posted on forum remove all landclaim around base.Not even waiting till rules start working.And about server 1040.There is some problems.Once you log on-you must wait long time untill all object is loaded.Much longer then in any other server.Idk why

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Today they hit #1040. At least 3 clans base deleted, including mine.
From this 3 clans only one was colossal but nice. I dont understand the rules what applied. For example my base was very compact, a sand reaper queen was blocked. Thats all. If I could apply a single rule for all the known deleted bases I would accept my fate, but I not see a common point. For example other destroyed bases not blocked boss spawn but deleted, some base blocking currently boss spawn still exist. So I do not find the real reason. Without a warning sign is really a punch in my gut. Why should I invest in the next DLC if any time without explanation or warning my game is ruined?


You can get more info by submitting a Zendesk ticket and selecting “Ban Information (Why was I banned?)” as request type.

Um, look, I don’t have a nicer way to ask this, so I hope you don’t get offended, but did you actually read the rules? Because this an excerpt from the rules:

That’s because there isn’t one single rule, there are several rules you shouldn’t break.

Did you report that base? Contrary to what some people claim, I have never seen anyone from Funcom say that they will hang around on a server and comb it for infractions. They receive a report, they go look at it, and if it merits action, they act on it.

Hell, there’s even one part where they say they don’t have the time to dick around:

If they don’t have the time to carefully remove bits and pieces to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, what makes people think that they’ll have time to go around looking for things that weren’t reported?

On the one hand, I agree with @Halk that giving out warnings would be nicer. On the other hand, I agree with @DaVice that this has been announced with a lot of time to spare, and people could have been proactive about cleaning up their messes. Seriously, nobody cares if you blocked a couple of rocks or bushes, but a whole boss? Didn’t anyone ever complain about it?


Look CodeMage, it seems you are more understanding the motivations of this company.
From the words what you used it feels that they after so many years collected all the pending reports and an Admin just nuked those bases on the list. Mission completed.

This was not my purpose, I will not give those names, especially because the world bosses usually have multiple locations from the same kind. I looking for equal treatment as in the real life we expect from the society.

There may be more to it than that. As a long-time player I’m sympathetic to lost Player Time, and yet also observant of how Funcom is planning on showing player-made bases in their stream tomorrow. It may be with this particular project in mind, and with relatively pure fervor they rather organically ran across some large builds that are on the Offender list.

You might not be 100% correct about that, but you’re heading in the right direction. I think that they realized that people won’t stop complaining about people who build in ways that create serious problems for other players and decided to adopt a less tolerant approach. That’s why they rephrased the rules.

Contrary to what the people are screaming about on the forums, the “new rules” are not drastically different from the “old rules”. They are merely more streamlined. One of the big changes was the “we don’t have time to dick around with surgical removal” explanation that I quoted before. Another big change was about the duration of the ban: the old rules left a lot of leeway, whereas the new rules say “14 days for first offense, permaban for repeat offenders or first-offense cheaters”.

You missed the point. I don’t care about any names – in fact, “naming and shaming” is against forum rules – I was explaining that if nobody reported a base that violates the rules, then it won’t get removed.

By the way, when I say “reported”, I mean using the correct channels and the correct procedure. Those who have read the rules will know that they also describe how to report the infractions. Spoiler alert: it’s not done via a forum post.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and read the rules. I’ve already linked them.

Nobody gets the kind of equal treatment you’re expecting, not even in real life. A few years ago, I crossed a street when I shouldn’t have and I got a traffic ticket for jaywalking, because there was a cop on a bike at that intersection and I didn’t see him.

I used to cross that same street in that same way with a bunch of other people every day and nobody cared. But that day, a cop happened to be there and I got a ticket. I can just imagine what that cop’s reaction would have been had I complained that “everyone crosses like that, so why aren’t you there to give them a ticket every morning”.

In case the point still isn’t clear: this is why Funcom published both the rules and the procedure for reporting those who break the rules. See a build that breaks the rules? Report it. Don’t care to report it? Good for you, but it doesn’t magically give you right to be pardoned for breaking those rules yourself. :man_shrugging:


It still confusing me. From the 3 known bases 1 was definitely blocked a world boss, ok. One was definitely huge. Ok. But the 3rd one was not really complex or overly expansive compared to others on the server, nor blocking boss or precious resources. So these terms and conditions if not giving exact numbers just generating guilt and insecurity in every player. If you cross the red light you know from which point you are guilty beacuse it written exactly in the law.

Yeah, except not all laws are that precise and specific. I already had an argument on these forums about how reckless driving laws in the US are a good example of such laws, and I really don’t want to rehash that discussion.

So far, every single freaking example of “I was banned without breaking the rules” I’ve seen on these forums has turned out to be “well okay, I did X, and X is against the rules, but I still think it’s unfair”, and I’m really tired of arguing with people who think they’re entitled to break the rules for some special reason.

I’ll change my mind when I see some evidence of Funcom unfairly banning people. In the mean time, the situation remains relatively simple: don’t break the rules, and if you broke them but you really don’t know how, request ban information via Zendesk.


But no one know when a build is egnuff for a wipe or not unless its a massiv wall off or long lines of sandstone in 2 mapboxes or other forms of toxiq playersyle. Thats the problem.

The problem is in the gray area and when most player play the game and dont even know the forum exist.

That will make player angry and not come back to the DUNE game.

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I dont know but maybe they have done some bad stuff, toxiq playstile (maybe on another server).

But yes the rules are badly fussy and unclear, its a big problem.

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Ok-are you count player loses from lag,overbuiding,blocking.Allot of new players leave the game because of this.One or two players can kill server and nobody want play there.And rules is clear for me.No need 2map squares landclaim to ban.Basically almost any landclaim is bad.No need build wery huge base-enough is place hundreds of placeables and torches to ruin performance there.You just arquing becouse you know-you broke these rules

I dont think i have broke any rules, but i dont know. Thats the problem when its so fussy rules.

But yes its a hard balanse.

Yes it cant be a bigg extra work to send a mail or somthing that say you have bean reported, then you have the same time that funcom have to investegate. And/or a mail that you have x amount of dayes to fix this. A delay on say 3 dayes b4 risk of geting wiped cant be any problem.


The NameLess Company the Forgotten and and the Al’Azif base was hit. At least. Maybe more.
My 3rd example was the Al’Azif base, those guys not blocked any bosses or unique resources. And the size of their base is very average compared to other veterans on the server. I could say 7 more similar or bigger sized base what still standing.

I rather think some year old ticket found and who is still existed got the bomb. It is developer stream soon, they can tell the people honestly that they made some steps.

Funcom doesn’t have players’ emails. And there’s no in-game mechanism for contacting a specific player. So yes, it actually can be “bigg extra work” to implement a new system for that.

Like I said, I agree that it would be nicer, but that doesn’t mean it’s trivial or free.

I don’t think they’ve even been using Zendesk for a year. Even if they have, they auto-close tickets after some time – people have complained about that frequently – so I doubt it’s “a year old ticket”.

From what people have written here about the server 1040 performance, someone must have decided they’re sick of lag and reported the culprits. :man_shrugging:

Will no one think of the overbuilders? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well they have the steam acount to use and the clan dayly mesege to use to start whit.

And a popupp when you try to log in to the game.

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