The reason for my mod update delays

I just wanted to share the culprit as to why my mods are delayed from their needed patching. Behold, the one and only, the doggo!

The doggo is very sicky, and he is day to day. Im giving him every ounce of energy and attention that I am able to. Please share your favorite furry family member and how they bring joy to your life.


hi i dont have a pet at the moment, but if you have spare Gossamer, you could make yours a nice silk pillow :slight_smile:

Oh noooooooo :frowning: I really hope your doggo gets better fast and it is nothing too serious.

This is Moogles:


He is just a silly doggy and likes to fall off the bed when he gets too hot. We do have a couple of pillows that we use for him, but he doesn’t always like to use those either. If he had his way, he would just use the old and uncomfortable rug that is seen in the picture, but we are using the bed to help him feel a bit better on his joints.

It kind of is, ya. I’m taking him in this Friday for a second opinion, since his current vet keeps insisting we put him to sleep (which if you count his entire office, accounts for I think 4 times in the past year and a half they insisted we do so, and they were wrong the other 3). The emergency 24 hour vet hospital we took him to this past weekend seems to think he should improve, but he hasn’t been (though he hasn’t really gotten worse either). Anyways, it’s a great deal of stress, and he is always on my mind even when I’m not around him cause I’m at work or whatever.

Thank you for sharing your kitty :slight_smile: I hope Moogles is a cuddler! And gets lots of spoilage. I lost my kitty in June of this year, I miss her a lot!

Omg I am so super sorry to hear that :frowning: losing a fur baby is always a horrible experience. I still hope he recovers. He is lovely <3

Moogles is indeed a super cuddler and very social to all visitors. His brother Badger was unfortunately hit by a car a when he was still young. :frowning:

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Thank you for the kind message Tascha :slight_smile: Losing fur baby’s is terrible. I fight tooth and nail though to give them the quality of life that they deserve, and tend to exhaust all options before I make that final decision.

I am sorry to hear about Badger. That couldn’t have been easy on you, or Moogles (dogs and cats know more then we think they do). Give Moogles lots of pets for me!

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Awwww, get better little fella!


Me and my dog are standing at your side wishing you the best


omg this is the best <3


Get well soon doggo!

Best of luck, @Multigun.

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Any news on the doggo?

Doggo isn’t doing well. He has a strong possibility that he has a brain tumor. His old vet didn’t bother to check, but the new vet realized he is going blind. He also has a nasty ear infection. We are treating his ear infection just in case that’s the cause of some of his in balance issues but we are also aware we may be seeing his final days with us.

He is eating and drinking well, but isn’t comfortable most of the time he is awake. We have been able to manage his discomfort with medication but it does seem to be getting worse. Not sure how much longer we have with him, so I’ve been spending virtually every minute with him that I can.

that’s incredibly sad to hear :frowning:
So sorry you have to go through this and really sad for your doggo too.

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Sorry to hear about your doggo. :frowning:
I lost my dog a little over a month ago to liver cancer. he was a rescue and had almost 3 wonderful years with him.
This was Duke.


So sorry to hear. I’m sure you gave Duke a wonderful 3 years.

Bundy said to send the Vet his way he has a present under his vest for him :slight_smile:


Such a good boi <3 What a face.
Breaks me heart to read about the loss of pets. I am 100% sure all you guys who did lose pets gave them a great live and cared for them greatly, however.

My parents also just lost one of their cats to failing kidneys. My mom had to make the tough decision at the vet to let him go.

What makes it so hard is that they love totally and unconditionally.


This was Vaiolo (translated to smallpox in english), why I named him after a deadly disease is a story for another time…

He died on the 22 of july in my arms, at home, almost a month before his 17th birtday.

He was born from a found caucasian sheppeard (found after the squatting action/party of a state owned farm that was supposed to be destroyed to make space for a city stone storage, an embryopunk just abbandoned him there to become an integral part of the collective) and a mix bred tiny doggy mum who was fred from dog prison(dog pound).
9 puppies, 3 born dead, Vaio was the 3th born and the 2nd biggest puppy.

He came with me in my days as a street artist, juggling, squatting and rioting, I have so many awesome memories of our adventures all across europe, and in fact I received condolences from all over europe and beyond after his departure.

I wasn’t always the best partner for him, but I tried to give him the best and most adventurous life he could get until he started having back pain and walking problems that got me into settling down and taking a break from the “hippy on holiday” life.

To you who are giving great attention to your dog needs above anything else, you got my deepest respect, no matter the social class or political view you have.


Thank you for sharing that story. Sounds like your dog touched a lot of lives in such a positive way.