The Red Brotherhood

So I noticed after talking to Jamila the pirate queen she makes mention of the Red Brotherhood. Kinda wondering when we get the new map if they will be included in the lands…maybe a new building material based on their faction. Just a thought.

The Red Brotherhood are pirates, who in my opinion are already pretty well represented by the Black Hand. As Jamila says, the Black Hand are basically the local version of the Red Brotherhood.

The black hand is a combination of a couple groups.

“There were rogues aplenty - Barrachans, Zingaran Freebooters and members of the Red Brotherhood, exiles all. I gathered them together and I bound with a promise. If we could work together, I would find us a way back to the ocean. That was how the Black Hand begun…”

We got freebooter armor, don’t think we hear anything else about barrachans, and having another faction of pirates such as the red Brotherhood would just be more content to go with stories.

Perhaps so, but Barachans, Zingarans and Red Brotherhood all fit in the same trope of “classic pirates”. Considering the variety of cultures in the Hyborian Age and how few of them are currently represented in the game, would we need a second classic pirate faction at this point?

I’m just saying we could have another one with the new map. Not with the current map as it is.

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