The sandstorm is trivial at higher levels

its magical in nature, and a demon that was used to dystroy.

the sandstom is trivial in heavy armour, make it ignore armour and take percentage off your heath instead of flat rate

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I think alot of players, still hoping its like CG intro, with monster that can spawn inside. More of reason to go rush into one and find them for rare drops. =3

I don’t mind trivial part after certain point myself. When game 1st came out, you could hide udnerwater, along so many ledges to hide from it… you had time to prep for it.

Last few versions of it… your ether screwed or prepared. I really miss early version were you could huddle next to cliff or rock and just pray nothing found you. I miss that.


Increased sandstorm damage to ignore armor.

Blizzard in the north.
Freezing to death unless you find shelter

Monsoon in the east.
Stamina drain- once gone health drain.


that might be hard, no newbie has a chance of surviving a sand beast, but i ile the idea

You could simply make it so sand beasts wont aggro you if you are under “cover”.

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Dude, on normal/official settings, everything becomes trivial once you hit the endgame.

Doesnt have to be sand beasts. =3

To me, it would be reworked overall.

Sandstorm wouldnt “murder” you. It hurt… but wearing full clothing would medicate alot of damage. Allowing you to explore inside, and look for enemies.

This also means it could reach further north.

South end of beach? Imps and other things.
North of beach, Low level end “black riders”
Mid Map, Sand beasts and higher level black riders etc.

You can even sneak in, Darfari Sand storm raider and other types of units to make exploring it fun. Not a instant death trap…

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