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Hey y’all ! Im pretty new to 3735. Only been here a few weeks. There’s some tool in the savannah that built a bigass sign of his name. Not really the issue though… the issue is he’s done it by every base he can find! We keep tearing them down, but a 2 week timer ain’t helping with the troll. He puts down 30 or 40 fish traps to slow you game to a halt if there’s water nearby. Is there some cure for people like that? Or does Funcom just hate fun? There’s even a post from a while ago about some monster bridge been tearing up the server ping. Still there, and i kind of just want a refund now. Waste of my money, and i ain’t moving servers again. Done it twice, and it takes too much time. Who do I contact about a refund? All I have done is leave server after server with my mates, and we kind of hate this game. No monitoring of these people is the worst thing since ever.

You could try renting a cheap private server. As for your issue, you can fill out a report but it may take some time for them to get to it. :grinning:

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report because a guy build 30 fish trap, are you joking ? or don’t you know all the cheats program that exist and that are the real problem.

if the guy quit because he is not able with his clan to deal with probably (a solo player), yeah i think it should be for him a good idea to go back to some others games.

Wait, what? Is PS4 version of the game really so bad that 40 fish traps will affect your performance? Before they changed fishing, I regularly put down at least 20 traps and I’ve seen people putting down 50. But I play on PC. I had no idea this was a problem on consoles.


There is no performance problem, with fish traps, I assure you on this one. This boy doesn’t even know the game and you expect him to understand what causes performance problems. Why new players go to savanna? For thick leather ofcurce. Where do you find a lot of thick leather without killing just one animal? In Sepermeru chests of curse, plus steel, crystal etc.
Why they need the lake empty? To escape rhino or tiger attacks ofcurce. So fishtraps is a great issue :wink: for our friend here. There for he wants his money back, that’s it m8, I am jumping from my balcony now :joy::joy::joy:.

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I think what he is tryin to say is the guy is doin this on purpose to lag the server out. I was just tryin to help out man.


@bigguy80, And you did very well my friend, mostly I do the same and I 've been acused as novelist, or bot :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway, just for the record, as a ps4 player I know very well that every single base that spawns in small areas massive amounts of pets and thralls, creates performance issues. The reason I act this way is because I am allergic to the word refund :wink:, that’s all. Thank you for being kind always :+1:, you are a better person than I am.


hmmm here what you do … funcom … to fix fish trap spam … limit them to 10 … then limit inventory size to 4 and then limit total fish to 200 that each trap can hold … bam Balance … Every 15 second randomly lose fish … if fish trap isnt armed with bugs every hour it loses one percent of structure cost … (due to weathering) so it takes 100 hr to decay into nothing-ness.

There i fix fish trap spams. and keep our river clean.

This is simple to do.

Honestly, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or just joking around.

i know, nothing against you, but knowing the level of cheat i have deal with on my server, was ■■■■■■■ off to hear about a fish trap issue…

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It’s all good man. :+1:

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no im being serious this is how we combat our mining station problem … you limit the ammount can place … next you limit how much resource it generate … then it wont have code that keep firing … most of the lag you see is just due to ticker event.

hte above post sorry im tired

we all deal with cheats and exploits on every single server. Its the game man. It is the reason it is dying. I have been waiting for two years for it to get fixed. Lol, it wont

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