The toxicity of interior and lollypop base types and their negative influence on gameplay

Nerf lollypop bases and you can re-balance raid mats for regular castles.

Make sandstorms true cataclysms and make them able to destroy (if not entirely at least partially) bases of all sort. That would push palyers to keep working on bases that could be damaged form natural (and random) impacts.

“Sandstorms do not cover all the map”
infact I always thought it was stupid, in the north add blizzards and add some lightning storm to the jungle… or create some tornados, imagination is the limit.
Make environment a real enemy, not only to push lollypop campers to get up from their chairs (and somehow rebalance some PVP), but also to refresh some mechanic of the game.

2 cents

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Nerfing is not really the answer if it is only band aiding the mechanics shortcomings.

The shortcomings that add up to a piss-poor raid mechanic and war system are:

  1. Game is tilted to the 6-10 hour a day grinders and gamers. Casual gamers have no reason to even try and participate, as they won’t last a week before being resource defeated by the OG clans of servers. There is literally no need to use resources, other than to repair armor and weapons. Everything else goes to vaults, and collects dust.

  2. Offline raiding is way to easy. The Event log, Building tagging and player list give so much intel, that it only takes one good trip thru map to find the hide outs. So even if casuals tried to stay small and hidden, it is only a matter of time before they get found and wiped while not on.

  3. Naked Bombing has no real cons. I can run up and place my entire wheel. Even if you kill me before i can ignite them, i can just keep coming until i get lucky and set them off. The bombs just stay there (1 hour decay i believe). The defenders can’t pick them up after they kill me.

  4. Shooting Arrows from too far a way is possible. Gassing entire bases with a naked spotter near the base even if they are online. You can’t heal pets, so it is only a matter of time before they die.

  5. Lollipop bases with bubbles (if/when they work) are near un-raidable for those that can’t play 6 straight hours while you repair. The only solution is #2–offline you and use splash damage to slowly crumble it.

  6. New players/clans have only a few shots at actual defense. If a clan is on for less than a week, casually playing, the OG clans can come and knwo that a trade of losses will cost the new clan more. Killing new clans (because on some servers, not everyone is a melee god like the forum posers—err i mean posters) means they will eventually run out of gear first, being as they just started grinding Once they are out of gear, they have no way to fight off decent clans. So normally they just quit.

  7. Thralls (even though a reworik is coming) are useless. Archers don’t always shoot, Fighters aggro the wrong things, etc… And again if i just started, and wanted some pvp, joining a server is a commitment that some gamers just would rather avoid.

  8. Due to the first 6, there is a huge imbalance in player count for exploiters (the low class), all day grinders (rich) and casual competitive gamers (middle class). Most servers are populated by only the rich and/or the low class. There is no middle class in PVP officials. So the servers are barren as those 2 feast on each other and themselves.


10/10 will follow you into battle any time

Amen, and option to turn them agressive outside raid hours so we can have real exterior defenses.

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At level 25, and for the low cost of only stones and some iron, ANYONE can level a tier 3 structure in a matter of 30 minutes.

Best deffence is being online and will always be. You can easily destroy trebuche, kill offenders, or simply tp out with all your loot and let them waste time raiding empty base.

Conan is the most forgiving games from all of the survival genre. In Rust your base WILL be destroyed offline since you cannot be 24\7 online, and same will happen in Ark, Miscreated, Dayz, etc. In Conan, you have only a relativly small window of raid time, that’s also launched at the time when people getting back from the work, so compared to ANY other survival deffenders are already incredibly favored here, since their structures are literally immortal rest of the day and they can do whatever they want to just behind one door.

Also on the note of people being mad about people repairing as you try to raid an interior base. Are you only throwing down one bomb at a time because if so that’s the issue right there. If you light off 4-5 at a time you’ll be inside long before they can even begin to put a dent in the damage your doing.

How do you get inside if the only way in is 1 foundation wide and they are getting replaced, and not repaired both ahead and behind you?

The Event log, Building tagging and player list give so much intel

Yes, this is another problem of the game. You somehow MAGICALLY know who took what, who destroyed what, and who lives where. There is no skill needed to locate someone’s base, you can just walk around and look at the labeles instead of spying on the people on their way back. If names on bases, player list and event lits would be removed, it would as well benefit game a lot.

And i agree with the rest as well, more or less.


Also, another thing that can really nerf lollipop bases without affecting other types of bases - is not allowing to place an altar above certain average height, for example - 10 stories above ground level.

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Can only ask the Devs to look at Rust and how their PvP and raiding meta is far superior to the one of Conan Exiles.

The key component seems to be that building and gameplay follows a purpose. You will never see any structure that is meant for PvE purposes alone. Conan Exiles does nothing to inspire clever base design. The lollipop base is the epitome of the building meta and players can waste their resources for griefing and vanity builds. Really needs a total overhaul in regards of building HP, defenses, building costs and siege options.

It seems like they just ignore the lessons taught by other survival games and try to make directly opposite choices by intent.

Now they are adding thrall leveling… When before people were needed to just be lucky enough to find t4 thrall, now they also need to spent time and effort to make thrall strong. By doing this they only adding more grind for the sake of grind without a single positive change, and also making alpha clans stronger, since they can keep up their thralls while slaugher thralls of other clans before they can level them up.

It seems like it’s worthelss to talk sense into them, just look at their reasons behind it: “We wanted to have a system that is interesting to dive into while also making each individual Follower more special.”. I wonder, do they even play their own game? Judging by statements like that it feels that they are not. Why else they would seek a way to empower alphas even more and speed up the dying process of the servers?


Same thought. I understand that these changes are fun when you play mostly against environment and in Coop with your mates. But as with other introduced features their effect on the PvP balance has to be examined closer.

I don’t believe anyone can say that CE is a satisfying survival and PvP experience right now. I want the Devs to finally acknowledge that this is the bottleneck of the game and not missing features or more PvE content.

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This is part of the game. Building like this was intended. In my experience and opinion based on what I have seen from players only those who lack the resources or know how complain about these bases. I have seen every one of these base styles raided without a problem. There is no toxicity in this. However I would agree maybe reduce the amount of land one can claim since so much land claim is horribly ugly. One could build a good defense base without hordes of foundation all over the map

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Have you ever seen one base raider without exploits such as splash dmg abuse through the bubble, avatar dmg range abuse or the good old jump exploit or speed hack?

Ofc a bubble base is raidable with the intented weapon repertoir when the owner makes a crucial mistake. But this is unlikely if you face CE veterans. Ever since the godbubble came none of my bubblebases has ever been raided successfully because I was online at all attempts and could just repair the pathetic splash dmg.

So to sum this up what we need is:

  • A mechanic to counter the God bubble

  • Remove the exploits with gods, jumps and splash

Over 5k hours in game. Played since game first release. I’ve seen undermesh, jump exploit, stamina glitch, duping. I was there when Syndicate wiped 1589 with duped Gods. Not much I do not know about the game. I also come from a clan that is well known through out conan for wiping alphas across many servers. So yeah, Gods are not active, splash damage is intentionally designed by funcom etc etc.

Splash dmg through the bubble is a bug. And it’s still not enough to compete against a naked man with a repair hammer. That said u even need a surface to apply dmg to in order to deal splash dmg through the bubble. If you build in a high pillar there is no way to use it even.

That people are content with pillar bases shows a certain resignation that the community silently agrees to using exploits in order to play the game :confused:

If I see tips on how to raid a pillar base I haven’t seen one advice that is involving a legitimate way to deal dmg or not relying on stupid owners of that base.

Can you explain what this means? I’m a PVE player and I’m really tired of PVP-related nerfs screwing up my gameplay, so I’d like to avoid unnecessary restrictions on building, since building is the reason why I play in the first place :wink:


What’s a lollypop base?

Being able to place items and building pieces without line of sight is the reason why you can still place explosive jars through ceilings. You can imagine what that means for someone on a PvP server …

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but PvE is a niche way of playing. Like reanacting the battle of waterloo with Barbie dolls.
These small things have a really big impact on PvP balance. Even when tiny things like the hatchdoor where introduced, it opened up some serious exploits such as undermeshing, jump exploiting and server lagging and even building flying bases. Not that I don’t want the PvE community to play around with these things but the price to pay was rly too big. We had an exploit rampage for months in exchange for a decorative item.

edit: all exploits mentioned above are fixed. I am not explaining or discussing how to exploit the game.

It’s harsh, it’s rude and it’s not true.


Although it sounds a bit rude, what you wrote is what the decision makers at funcom should absolutely read and take it very seriously.

I liked the game most when it came out in EA with trebuchet and orbs. Duplication glitches weren’t as spread as they are now and building materials Vs raiding costs were proportional. So the PvP meta was working in some way and we had thrilling combat experiences.
Then funcom did something that I still don’t understand. They decided to give building pieces 10x as much HP as they used to have while at the same time nerfing avatar damage AND rolling out tools with better harvesting rates with the frozen north updates while making building even cheaper at the same time.

This shifted the PvP meta INSANELY towards builders. The effects were soon visible on official servers. Instead of planned bases you could suddenly see vanity projects and farmbases popping up. Building spam to grief followed soon after.

Before that such careless buildings were raided asap due to their accessibility, but ever since then the raiding costs are always exceeding the gain. As a result raids happen only as a form of griefing now to drive your opponents of the server. There is nothing to gain compared to the expenses for bombs and gods.

The only profiteurs from these balancing changes were new players who had their sandstone huts not raided within 30 minutes. But guess what? These people eventually moved on to other games or became experienced builders and raiders themselves.

I’ve read all posts here.

I got mixed feelings. You can raid lollypop/pillar base with no gods.

People be smarter, I’m not giving answers how to do this because there are several ways, this cost me almost a half year to think about a solution for this, so good luck for you all to survive/raid this!
But to get to this point, why are people complaining about lollypops besides gods are disabled with a good reason.

People expect a game of Call of Duty but based on Conan PVP, on almost every game there will be a difference between casual players and experienced player, why do people want to limit the award of playing the game more compared to casual gamers, it’s kind of logic that experienced players will have better bases, more materials and stuff. Why would they continue to play if the reward is the same or almost the same? You will lose players too doing this, hardcore players which keep the game alive and which can trigger casual players to dive more into the game and might become a hardcore player.

So in my opinion, who ever created this post has hard troubles with these kind of bases, it’s harder to raid in general, but think about it and you got big weakness points with these kind of bases.
If god returns, lollypop bases are nothing anymore so I don’t get the complaining, had hard times with this in the beginnen too, but it’s up to you to figure out something. If these bases were completely unraidable, more people would complain so grab a mirror and think about it, back to the drafting table!

There are many ideas to make the game more alive and more fun to play.
Funcom should ask the right people the right question(s), the million dollar question.

What I see is that Funcom tries all sort of things to the game, that is 1 big motivation to continue to play for me.

*Suggestion to FunCom is to limit the clan to 6 ~ 8 players on a 40 limit player server, weird to think that maximum 4 full clans can join an official server(when all online).