The Unbound as a temporay agent

as a special circumstance agent? like a quest chain that you dont know is a quest chain, until you unwittingly have a task for The Unbound, and he ends up using you?

i dunno, could be cool

I can already see the brainstorming session for his traits… he burns alll the things, including every stockpiled resource, for every member of the cabal… I don’t think this is wise.



Yes. Freeeeeeee the unbound.
shakes screen Make a wish.


I would rather missions you send him on cost nothing.

And trigger this:

screen shakes FREE… BIE…


I feel like on most days that, yeah, I can outrun agony’s impulse.

I uh, I am with /u/Peloprata on this in that the Unbound is a locus of seething, primal energy, permanently trapped in non-existance by a piece of technology from a long-forgotten age. Also he has been in jail since before cell phones were invented, so it might be like one of those things where he gets out of jail and is just this old man who the world left behind. And that would be sad.

He might also just annihilate the entire earth, which would also be sad.

As for the quest chain that ends in a trap I love that idea! Considering we all have bounties on our heads and have made various enemies throughout the world there is a lot of potential there for people coming after the PC through their agents. This could just be as simple as receiving some items at the end of the mission, but when you go to use them you get a message saying the items were bugged, and then–crosshairs, explosions!


he may also decide to flay the sleepers…in their …sleep…its a huge gamble, and as a gambling man, id throw those dice and see what fortune decides…although The Unbound might decide to coheres fortune to do his bidding…now im confused1

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exactly, it does not necessarily mean you release the unbound (by yourself), but he is a long term guy. little things makes all the difference, he is an alien intelligence, who the hell knows what goes on in his head. and how long his very awake arms reach

you know what would be sweet, if they had an NPC kinda like James Randi, exposing a big quasi religious cult like the morninglight. also cake.

but obviously, he would give his 10k dollars to us bees, because we are magical sprigs of gaia

and if you have not seen him expose peter popoff, you should

Yeah and i want Romain Amiel as an agent so i could boss him around and have devstream missions in which he dodges the PvP questions like Neo on bullet-time !


Did you already put that question on the interview thread? Doesn’t hurt to give him something to dodge XD

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