The uncanny valley and the neck seem glitch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [EU]

Hi there! The neck seem glitch is still an ongoing issue since 2 patches ago. I dont know if this is on the priority list as it is ‘merely’ a visual bug. I would however like to use this post as an opportunity to point out a phenomenon game developers should be well aware of

“The uncanny valley”

Shortly summarised, the uncanny valley is a mental phenomenon that occurs in the brain of a human when they see something that looks like or resembles a human, but has flaws in their resemblance.

Basically when something shows certain aversions from the real human body, your brain will actually create a psychological revulsion to this object… “neck seems” are high catalysts for this issue and I believe this could put people psychologically off the characters and unable to play as this will cause revulsion to the character they see. I have included a link that explains this phenomenon

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load up the game
    2.first 2 minutes in everything is fine
    3.notice neck seems start appearing on all characters
  2. Brain creates revulsion to it
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While I do agree that it’s an incredibly annoying visual bug I personally don’t think that it can count to what the “uncanny valley theory” describes. The faces and bodies of the characters in the game look human but still far enough from being “too human-like” (there are lots of prominent CGI movies how made mistakes in that case and created uncanny characters), the seam alone doesn’t really change that, to me it more shows a “sloppy” use of the engine’s texturing process. I read in the Steam Workshop that it’s a problem with the Graphite Engine they use to make the textures in the game.

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Hi @montana1, thank you for reaching out, this graphical issue has been present in the game for a while, but it was only noticeable in specific graphical settings and setups and, although it’s a low priority issue, it’s definitely something that we’re hoping to address as soon as possible.

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Thank you for your response, I was aware if it being there I’ve just been noticing it a lot more since the last patch

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