The Warmaker´s Sanctuary imposible pasar del campeon de arena nerfear

hola en esta mazmorra de warmaker`s en el campeon de la arena imposible pasármelo voy con armadura legion espada del aventurero un npc desgarracarnes con armadura y armas legendarias del monte de fuego a nivel 11 con flechas curativas lo revienta y a mi me revienta de un golpe algun consejo que te quita la vida de un golpe luego otro problema es que al morir imposible recuperar los objetos te vuelve a pedir la llave o sea que es un suicidio ir a esa mazmorra ahora mismo no entiendo como no lo han nerfeado

Stunlock it. Repeat

hola que lo puse en español lo pongo con gogle translate
hello in this warmaker`s dungeon in the champion of the impossible sand pass it to me i am wearing legion armor adventurer’s sword an armor-piercing npc armor and legendary weapons from level 11 fire with healing arrows busts him and blows me up at once Some advice that takes your life at a stroke, then another problem is that when you die, it is impossible to recover the objects, you ask for the key again, so it is suicide to go to that dungeon right now, I do not understand how they have not nerfed it.

With an axe, you can just lay in heavy attacks until you knock her down, back away for stamina regen, then lay in again with heavy attacks and she may not hit you at all

Yes I had the same problem my first time in also, arena champion is a hard hitter. You will want a thrall in heavy epic flawless. I gave mine a 1 handed mace to apply sunder. Healing arrows and plenty of gruel!
Slow is smooth…smooth is fast.

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