The wheel of Pain as THE grinder

There should be no grinder in the game to grind anything.

The wheel should be the only grinder in the game.

The wheel for the purpose of training only is almost a waste. We should be grinding things with it ONLY if we have thralls in it training.

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It’s funny that I was actually thinking the same. Trying to come up for a suggestion for a T2 and T3 grinder and sudenly wheel of pain comes in mind. Sadly there’s not much to grind for in this game. Salt and bonemeal are the most usless materials.


I had wondered some time back, why have a grinder when we have wheels of thralls supplying the power and if you look in the middle of the wheel rolling stones reading to grind something.

This sounds like the start of ‘Industry’ :slight_smile: - where some enterprising Taskmaster/mistress thought, ‘hey, if I add this cog-thingie to this leather belt thingie and toggle it to that heavy slab of stone then I get grain without having to go to that ripoff Miller to get my flour’. Sounds like an opportunity to add some rustic machinisations to the game? Would get my vote. :slight_smile:

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@GodlyVoice , I do understand, on pc, that you don’t use aloe soups anymore, at least not that much, so salt is not so necessary(not useless) , but bonemeal isn’t it useful for composting? Some playstyles demand tattoo, Grey lotus is rare, so your only chance to have to many flowers is Grey lotus seeds. Every seed is giving you 10 flowers but it needs improved compost. Plus bonemeal produces other potions too, at least on ps4, so I cannot understand why bonemeal is useless? Still if I didn’t understand what you mean my friend, I will have to ask you to forgive me but my English are that low, thank you.

I’m not relying on bufs to play the game since it’s already that easy to defeat any foe. For me, potions and tatoos are out the window. If for instance potions and tatoos would offer a significant increase in damage like 100%, then I would consider them necessary.

Think of games like the witcher where on easy difficulty you don’t need alchemy/oils to play the game, but on death march difficulty every advantage makes a difference.

Sadly, Conan Exile is an easy game to play and most of the stuf is so unnecessary.
I remember playing Siptah when it launched and for the first couple of days a T3 fighter would be to best you could get. That T3 thrall made the game so good because it ramped up the difficulty. The T3 could not kill a boss on it’s own and you had to come up with ways to boost your damage and join in the fight. RIght now, I just send my T4 and alt-tab on the forums. Crafting potions and tatoes is pointless thus the materials involved are also pointless and are not worth the trouble to farm them.

It is an opinion, still if I can give you an advice here is not to play in one playstyle or not build your atribute points in one way. I am telling you this because every single build has plus and minus, there is no perfect build in this game. So try all the other builds, all the buff combinations you can have and you’ ll become more flexible in this game. It is far necessary to gain greater knowledge in this game, it will make you the perfect leader on your clan, or a really necessary and respected player :wink:.

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