Thievery - Light Raiding / 'Bel' Religion


The sun sets, and shadows begin to stretch across the walls as a figure ascends the cliffs beside the fortress. Listening intently, one can hear the padding of feet within. Clutching to the wall, the daylight passes into pitch black. Only the torches lend sight to the streetways and alleys that our thief has memorized. Hoisting herself upon the battlements, the path is set. A shout rings out — a thrall has spotted her. She turns its shout into gurgling death. Her glinting eyes spy a defender, now alert, come to investigate the death of his thrall, before the horrific realization of the predicament sets upon him, and he rushes back inside to take up arms…

For myself and those who I’ve played with, skirmishes are the most fun part of this game. Small fights, where nobody has anything more to lose than the shirts off their backs and the blades in their arms. They can be just as much of an adrenaline rush as heavy raids, which are usually only attempted when victory is all but assured.

Skirmishes, or ‘light raids’, give an opportunity for players to fight each other, without the heaviness of all-out warfare. A winner might take the gear of a loser, but at the end of the day, both sides can still sleep soundly in their bases.

This suggestion aims to promote more light raids and skirmishes, by way of introducing new mechanics for Thievery. This new system facilitates light raiding by giving special, non-destructive tools useful to players on PvP servers.

Light Raiding vs. Full Raiding

He pulls a blade from the wall, dons a horned helmet, and rushes out into the torch-lit streets. Nothing but the chirping sounds of night insects greet him as he stands and listens for the assassin. Silently behind him, she drops with a lithe quickness between him and the door, and slips inside.

Light raiding has the potential to let players fight each other in adrenaline-inducing encounters, while doing away with the frustration of losing cherished valuables. Crafting thralls, structures, and decoratives should all be more or less immune to light raids.

Heavy raids, meanwhile, have the drawback of necessarily crippling one side of the encounter. A winner will almost always get away with at the very least destroying walls, crafting stations, and taking thralls. Meanwhile the losers are set back a great deal, having lost both their most valuable gear, and the means of crafting it. This becomes a major game problem when the winners already have everything they could ever need, and are merely raiding for fun, against an opponent who is always at their mercy.

Comparatively, light raids don’t have major losers. They just have two sides of the PvP encounter. Winners in a light raid may take a single chest, or loot a single room. Light raids should be a ‘vent’ for PvP combat, allowing players to fight each other at a lower caliber than a full-on raid.


She enters the great hall, where diligent cooks churn away at stewpots, and elegant carpets and finery decorate the floors. A chest rests upon an altar, surrounded by grim skulls. Immediately she stalks up to the chest, and begins the process of unlocking it. It will take her precious minutes to stealthily unlock the chest. Meanwhile, the defender searches the battlements outside, finding no trace of this mysterious assassin…

Lockpicks could provide an opportunity for players to unlock chests and doors without breaking them. They should take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to find the correct combination — perhaps augmented by a player’s Accuracy attribute. There should be a large degree of randomness to the duration it takes to pick a lock, as well as the quantity of lockpicks therefore required. Imagine scanning the room as your character picks the lock; “C’mon! Come on…” The enemy meanwhile drawing nearer.

Lockpicks should be crafted from steel, by passing steel into a ‘lockpick mold’ in a furnace. They therefore would not require a noisy blacksmith. Accessible even to thieves with minimal bases.

The optimal balance goal is for lockpicking doors and chests to be more efficient than simply blasting them open with orbs. Even in a ‘full’ raid, a warlord should sometimes command his best thieves to pick open a door or chests rather than blowing it up.

Skeleton Keys

Rushing now, she bounds for an exit. The guard is right on her heels. From a pocket, she draws forth a magic key. Not stopping for a moment, she shoves the key into the door’s lock, opening it instantly. The door opens, and outside, the dark skies are filled with bright stars and celestial auras. She leaps from the clifftop battlements down into the inky blackness below. The defender on her tail halts atop the fortress walls and does not follow, for the fall may break his legs. Instead he stares into the depths below, impressed.

Right now, Skeleton Keys are the ‘legendary keys’ used to open ‘legendary chests’. I would suggest renaming those keys as simply Legendary Keys and opening up the name for Skeleton Keys.

These keys represent the greatest blessing that Bel can bestow upon worshippers. Rather than an avatar, Bel provides the greatest of thieves with a unique tool with which to perform their arts.

The Skeleton key enables a user to open a single door or chest instantly, unlocking it until an owning player comes by and locks it again.

Skeleton keys are the only items capable of unlocking enemy vaults.

Religion: Bel, God of Thieves

Breathless and tired from running, she crouches down and peers into her bag to count her winnings amid the dawn’s rising light. Shimmering coins and jewels, lightweight and high-value, the hallowed prize of thieves. These she shall sacrifice at the temple, for a true worshipper of Bel steals not for worldly gain, but for sport and excitement.

The Bel religion should be fueled by theft, and beget further theft. An altar should represent a cult of Bel, where thieves offer up gold and silver coins in their religious pursuits.

Craft: Night Vision Potion
A potion that makes the darkness of night appear as bright as day for those that drink it.

Craft: Skeleton Key
An enhanced lockpick, capable of opening the most complex locks in a mere instant.

Craft: Bel’s Wisdom
A blessing that may be consumed to increase the speed of lockpicking thricefold, and halve the chance for a lockpick to break.

Craft: Padded Shoes
Shoes that deafen the player’s steps. Jumping, dropping, and running are half as loud.

Craft: Lockpick
While not exclusive to Bel worshippers, this item is used to unlock a door or chest. Doing so takes time, perhaps even up to three minutes for a layman. The lockpick may randomly open the door, or break. Upon shattering, the lockpick makes a distinctive click. Unlocking a Tier-2 door may take 1-8 lockpicks for a layman, or 1-4 for a worshipper blessed by Bel. Unlocking a Tier-3 door may take 1-16 lockpicks for a layman, or 1-8 for an expert. Each lockpick fails after a full minute.


What happens when you will have mass of those light raiders ?
Whats the point of the doors and chests be ?
The idea is cool and all for immersion but in reality seems way too easy to abuse.

chests can be locked, windows should be there to reach through. before the full release, they had light raiding, it got turned off on all official servers.

This is actually a good idea, doors and chests are already cheap, some bombs and they are gone, at least thieving would spare you crafting another door or chest.

Problem I see would be balance wise it would be too cheap to craft lockpicks and probably everyone would become thieves and not raid anymore. I am ok with that if yellow potions where not so easy to craft and you had to sacrifice stats to pick locks.

Perhaps lock picking should be an interruptible mini-game that is unlocked(HA!) by using a lock-pick on a door or chest…

Taking too long to “win” the mini-game causes you to loose.(As you have until the pick breaks to pick the lock.)
Being hit with an attack ends the mini-game as you’ve been caught and you can’t very well concentrate on such a delicate task while being slapped upside the head with a sword or other blunt object(And the lock-pick is lost)
Winning the mini-game opens the container/door(Again the lock pick is consumed upon success as well.)
There are different tiers of lock picks(Better picks give you more time to win the mini-game. (Better doors/chests also have presumably harder mini-games)

As for countering it… I figure better doors/chests will have shorter mini-game timers.(To the point that if you’re using a bottom tier cheap iron lock-pick on a T3 door you better be damn good at the mini-game otherwise you’ll waste a lot of picks…)

Of course doors will still close and lock behind you if you’re not careful, so there is always the risk of getting stuck inside the house you’re robbing if you use up all your picks and forget to save a spare for getting back out…

Another good way to balance out theivery is with booby trapped chests…

Some suggestions:
Gas trap chest: Unleashes a cloud of noxious gas when opened… (Made with Tar, some gas orbs, the container you want it to look like, and some twine.)
Bomb trap chest: Made with an explosive jar, some tar, some twine and of course the container you intend to place a trap in.
Trap door: Basically a section of floor with a hidden door in it that drops enemies down into whatever you have under it… It could lead to a guard room, a fall into the ravine below, or perhaps into a jail cell from which death or the mercy of your captor is the only escape…

Perhaps some nice spike traps that can be placed in door frames too… (Breaking into a sufficiently paranoid players house should come with some risk after all…)

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Think early access PvE rules were pretty cool.

Doors being locked, but everything else is lootable. It makes people build their base “airtight”.

I think your lockpicking idea is pretty good for everything else other than doors, in PvE at least.

In PvE there has to be some sort of absolute security.

How about the Vault?

Vaults should be absolutely secure too xD Your right. Otherwise they’d be totally pointless in their very existance, other than being an extra-dimensional sorting box to merge singletons into stacks overtime.

Lockpick is a good Idea, except that it could be have a chance of success depend of Survival skill (because this skill are not enought used). So :

  1. Lockpick is always destroy after be used (success or not).

  2. Lock pick block your character in a animation for some time and if he take damage the lock picking is failed. The lock picking do a identifiable sound around the use.

  3. You have 3 qualities of Lock Pick’s Tiers that be used against specific targeted elements.

  • Lock pick T1 need 20 Steels + 10 oils + 20 tars to craft and can open T1 doors and small chess.
  • Lock pick T2 need 20 Hardness Steel + 20 oils + 30 tars to craft and can open T2 doors and large chess.
  • Lock pick T3 need T3 need 20 Star metal + 30 Oils + 40 tars to craft and can open only the T3 doors.
    You need to have the right tool to operate.
  1. The chance of success depend from your survival skill and a fixed value. Maybe 10% + Your survival skills.

  2. Portals and vault are totaly immune from lock picking action.

  3. Don’t forget that doors can be closed again automaticaly after some time…

So If I want to play Thief I need to :

  • Have the good tools for the targed element.
  • Invest enough point in survival skill to perform my art.
  • know door timer to be not prisoner in the target caslte
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I actually like this. I will admit it would be more beneficial to be raided by a thief then a mad bomber as at least I just need to replace whats lost and not worry about walls,door, workbenches being destroyed because they wanted access to one box.

It would be a gentleman’s raid haha, Also would be great to add traps to boxes, set a fire bomb to one or gas orb so once broken into it blasts the thief. I know orbs don’t hurt players enough to kill them outright but it would be cool none the less.

I still like the idea of the lock-picks quality determining how much time you have to pick the lock before it breaks, and turning it into a sort of mini-game that you play to open the door/chest(With the quality of the chest/door determining the difficulty setting of the mini-game…)

Or at least better lockpicks pick the locks faster… (Though if we are going to limit what locks the picks work on, I’d say make the higher quality picks work on the lower tier locks… )

As for ensuring some security/counters for theives running around and picking locks I propose the following:

Thralls: They should simply auto attack anyone picking their masters chest, causing the attempt to fail.

Traps: As I suggested before the chance that the chest who’s lock you just picked is full of explosive death or poison gas would be just the thing to add a little more risk to raiding peoples chests… I’d even think placeing “Curses” on chests would be a nice touch(Causing corruption to whoever uses a lock-pick on the cursed chest…)