This background showing the purge using siege engine

This background makes me want the purge to use siege engine against the player, maybe chapter 4? :eyes:

Chapter 4 indeed…
new purge waves, including beasts and siege machinery
war elephant mounts (i hope so)
new weapons classes and animations (we got new 2h halberd already in testlive)
finisher animations

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It also show huge armies gathered up around the base, I don’t see that ever happen unless they want to crash servers when people are having a purge :grin:
However siege may be a possibility in chapter 4, but I didn’t hear them mention it at all, soo a maybe at best :slight_smile:
Biggest problem with lots of these teaser pics is that what you actually see in those screenshots may not be possible in game.


I spawned like 100-150+ mobs with the admin panel a few times, and they were fighting each other without the game crashing or even slowing down.
But this was in coop - I guess official servers might not be able to handle it.

Do you really want to rebuild your base from scratch or almost from scratch after each purge? :thinking:

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Yes. :eyes:

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But I also want the thrill of defending my base to prevent the possibility. And no, I’m not talking about raids because every time I’ve been raided, it was offline, nobody has ever had to guts to raid while I’m on. Same with the Alphas on my server. Nobody has ever hit them when they’re on and every time they did get hit, they reacted zealously and retaliated in the manner in which they were hit, except they have this tendency to escalate to the nth degree…

I’m willing to accept the consequence that my base will be razed if it means that a Purge has the possibility of bringing new challenges and real threats to me. Personally, I got into this game for the Survival aspect, meaning I want the game to challenge me. I’d love to see a clear and present danger from the environment to the bases I build. If I didn’t want that, I’d just hang out in creative mode all day and build to my hearts content.

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Honestly, I expected that in the third part they would add catapults to destroy walls, as they did in the video.

What difference would it make for me?
Now a detachment of my warriors is defending the gates of the base, inside of which there is a high temple with a treasury. The Stygians come in waves towards my defenders, who grind them into a bloody pulp. The demolishers cannot reach my goal, and therefore all the fighting is limited to the area in front of the goal.

If catapults had appeared, they would have destroyed the walls of the base and my temple. Access to the treasury would be open. Then I would simply move my squad closer to the treasure, and the whole meat grinder would happen there. The Stygians would not have reached the treasure because they would have continued to attack the defenders.

And what would change? For me, essentially, nothing. I wouldn’t get any new challenges or thrills. But I would have to spend a lot of time and resources each time restoring the buildings. In the end, I would give up this business and leave the treasures in an open field, without walls. Catapults would become an unnecessary entourage. But I would not have a base and a temple.

Therefore, I believe that this is a useless undertaking that does not introduce anything fundamentally new, but is only harmful. And it’s very good that this idea was abandoned.

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