This game can't be this game without this

Many good points.
Funcom is already walking against the American stream here with nudity and all, and consoles have been infamously no no about it.

But since not everyone can differentiate between virtual world and real world, Funcom can’t afford to dabble in this, especially as a publicly traded company.

I think this idea is territory.

I do like the idea of torture, but mutilation is not something that’s graphically enjoyable, unless it’s alittle comical like… you know. Exploding into a paste.

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Yeah, that’s why the violence and slavery thing works so well in this game, it’s cartoonish and comical. The gibs are hilarious - especially when there’s a stump still standing as the rest of the body has been vaporised with bits flying off everywhere. Accompanied by a super exaggerated death gurgle. And dragging some captive along on a string all floppy and wiggly like down cliffs and such, it’s just amusing.

The developers have obviously approached the dark themes of violence and slavery with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Adding too much realism to the graphic violence would slide into the uncanny valley and lose the charm of the game.

Keep Conan Exiles from turning into Manhunt, right?

Or splitting in half when you die of thirst.

But seriously. If it was part of the vanilla game to start with, I’d back you up if censors were trying to remove it.

But I would not be playing the game. I think nobody but a handful would.
It is something that is totally uneccesary for this game. Used as a plot device maybe… It almost steered me away from GTA 5. But just because someone might find it a fun part of the game… I don’t see how most people could enjoy it at all.

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Pythagoras building mod has iron bars to make jail cells. Sexiles and Slaver mods have the crucifix cross, meat hook, leash tie downs, cuffs, and truncheon/leash for non-npc’s. I think the iron bars should definitely be added to the base game (possibly as a t2?), but the slaving/torture stuff is fine in mods where private servers can prevent them from being abused on unmoderated servers.

The idea of expanded thrall interactions fits right in with an AI Overhaul for NPC's. Those things would really help fix the game in some aspects and bring more immersion to the players.

Things I think would be fine with:
Being able to stick thralls in the cages we have.
Giblits/hanging cages to store thralls in.

Unrelated to thralls but would work great with the whole dungeon thing:
Being able to craft those impaled skeletons from along the forgotten highway as decorations for our bases…
Being able to make bone furniture, maybe a throne of skulls…
Wall shackles
Wall shackles with a skeleton hanging from them.


I agree, I’d much rather have mounts and sorcery over this.

Well this is certainly a valid suggestion*, but I also think it’s obvious from the responses that it’s not something the general playerbase wants to see. Or at the very least, it’s not something the playerbase would prioritize to see (if they want it at all). As such, it’d be a silly thing to spend time on for Funcom. I’m going to leave out the morality/public response discussion, it’s already been done in all necessary detail.

*considering it valid does not mean I support it!

I didn’t say anywhere that this should be highest priority though, and I as well see the above mentioned things implemented and fixed first.
And since the crucifixion was in the opening scene, it would do no harm to add that either.
I do certainly agree that not everyone is able to differentiate pixels from reality but this roleplay isn’t unknown either in real world role-playing nor games.
Again as my earlier stated point this game is brutal as it is now with decapitation and slavery etc.
I’d just like to be able to mess with the torture aspect.
And again, there’s also countless of movies where torture is a part of the movie, so it isn’t really that sensitive if you ask me.
You want to be a barbarian? Go knock yourself out with this whip etc. You want to be an emperor ruling the desert? Have at it.
You want to build a nursery home for tier one carpenters? Go build them a shelter.
It’s a sandbox game, you get what you give. These features wouldn’t bug anyone not interested in them simply because they have a free choice of will to play this game and the role as they like.
I do certainly see your points but we’re all grown ups here and we at least should be able to differentiate games as well as movies from reality.
If the whole world was build up on stuff to take all sorts of precautions about reputation and others, then it would be a hell of a boring world. I’ll tell ya that.
I’ve stated my opinion/wish for this game and then I’ll just hope that the devs reads this and do what they think is the right thing, so this game becomes what they along the community really want it to be.

If you didn’t want people telling your they don’t think this should be any kind of priority, you probably shouldn’t have titled it “This game can’t be this game without this”.


If you are looking to torture just look back at the thrall you are dragging as it falls and hits rocks head first or is left hanging by its feet. There is no need to go deep into this topic, it’s something for a mod at the most but I don’t believe the dev’s should put that flammable feature in their game or it may backfire on them.

Exactly, if torture were to become part of the game it would just be an extension of breaking thralls. Water boarding, dunking, stone press, and any other old methods for breaking a person mentally. Torture of the depraved isn’t something Conan should ever include it’s just sick and would create huge backlash publically more so from reviews. I don’t want Conan to become the next Postal.

To be fair the American console syndicate seems to have no problem with violence, as the game shows beheading and cutting people in half, or go slaughter a baby elephant if you want to! But showing a ■■■■ would do irreparable harm to young minds. Why won’t someone think of the children?!?!?

But I digress, as I was saying if you kept it to straight grisly painful torture and away from the dirty bedroom stuff it would probably be allowed on American consoles. Makes me wonder about our society sometimes.

American morality is what happens when you take the militantly prude, the clenched-■■■■-enthusiasts and various other religious nutjobs, put them in a boat and then let the situation simmer for a few centuries. Season with genocide and serve righteously hot.

Just kidding, I love the US and most of the Americans I’ve met whether in the US or elsewhere have been friendly, wonderful people.

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I seriously hope that anyone who thinks BDSM and actual literal torture are even remotely similar never ever ever takes part in a BDSM relationship.

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Fantasy torture and actual BDSM are 2 different things, but playfully complement eachother.

It’s like pretending to be a commando when paintballing.

People can fantasize about whatever they want. There is no way to regulate that. But how they act in the end is what makes the difference. Don’t assume that anyone who’s got a sick mind is a sick person, otherwise half the authors in this world would be locked up by now, including Lovecraft.

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Bad idea.

Torture devices you want to use would weaken a thrall. The torture device would create damage thralls.

As opposed to giving them a shock concussion, then scraping them, limp-headed over sharp rocks, cliffs and what-not, THEN putting them on the wheel, then keeping them in a small box with 50 other thralls for an indeterminate amount of time without food, water, or sanitation?

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:thinking: :rofl:

I would like chains and whips for retrieving a thrall or multiple thralls at once! >Player Taskmaster, the outfit, the whip, the chains! :thinking: (faster thrall knockout)