This game without errors could be epic now is just a game

This game without errors could be EPIC now is just a game. You are losing a few days on the on levelling your thralls and one day after the start of the game your best Thrall with the best equipment disappears … sad
But Sorry … this game is not about getting the best slaves to use them to defend and conquer ??? This means that the whole point of playing is with bugs…!!!

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The best thing we can do is posting accurate, detailed bug reports to help Funcom fix them. Wishing upon a star won’t make the bugs magically go away. (Or does it? I’m not sure anyone has actually tried that. Someone try that!) Neither does complaining. (That has been tried. It doesn’t work. Really, it doesn’t.)

Yep you are right … its looks like they going back to places when we been both together. Few day ago had same situation with missing thrall and find him in place where we been before few ours ago and I`m sure I left him in base before end game on evening . Its that possible ?

more about your post before… I’ve seen posts in the forum with the same bug from over a year ago so it doesn’t work !!!


Thrall is doing what it’s supposed to. It goes back to the last location you set to guard, meaning it’s home location. Not a bug.

While it might not be a bug it’s lacking with regards to effectively communicating the consequences.

They should have a separate and distinct “Set Home” option and change “Guard” to be only temporary until the player asks the thrall to follow again.

I can see how it would be misleading to new players.

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I left him in base (guard) other thrall followed me this time

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