This is getting way ridiculous

Very well said. I know @erjoh long time in here and I don’t believe he is away from your saying. His point was to hit other points if you get me.
Yes, not all the pvp community are cheaters and many of them don’t use cheats because they don’t need it :wink:. Plus they find great joy to teach a lesson to the cheaters! And yes, toxicity has no mode, very true.
I really liked your post m8, even if I don’t agree totally, I really liked it, well sayed :+1:t6:.

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OK lets break this down. About PVP being brutal…no…no it isn’t. Mortal Kombat is PVP and yet the level of player brutality and unfair play in that game is drawfed by how Conan PVP is done… PLAYERS ARE BRUTAL! PLAYERS ARE UNFAIR! This is an open game and free to do as you please. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It’s PVP so yes expect raiding. Expect fighting. However alpha clans just sitting on top of their mountains swooping down every other day and destroying still leveling players? Yeah that’s the crap I’m talking about. Exploits, bugs…all of these can be overlooked because there are active updates going on and getting fixed. Yes they are always present because the game is always updating…but servers that don’t allow you to move forward because the players in them feel the three letter and the three word motto gives them the right to kick everyone out of the sandbox for YEARS!!! That is the issue that drops players I want to play with.

You kind of misrepresented one of the first things I said and it seems to have triggered you. That wasn’t the intention but you do you :slight_smile: .

I said “PVP can be brutal” you said “PVP is brutal”. I’m not sure what Mortal Combat has to do with it. I feel the pain of a trashed base, that took hours if not days, a lot more than a lost 2 minute bout in a fighting game. I’m not really getting the nuance of your point, perhaps it’s lost in the capitals somewhere.

Nonetheless, what you describe about alphas on mountain tops wiping everyone just isn’t always the case. In fact, usually its a zerg clan migrating into a server for just that purpose, in my experience

The alpha on the mountaintop doesn’t want to raid levellers if they have any sense, and some do have sense, because they have invested time in that server and don’t wish to see it become dead. Some will have seen that play out before.leading to ghost towns. Many alpha’s actively defend low level players from the sort of toxicity you lay at their door.

I feel like you’ve had very specific experiences, and I’m not devaluing that, but I’m simply saying that your experiences are not everyone’s experiences. I’ve seen things play out in many very different ways.

Irrespective of how fair or unfair PVP is, I’m sure most people would rather win or lose within the confines of the intended play, and not due to under-meshing / duping and generally cheating, and not due to poor balance that undermines the rest of the gameplay.

To give you a first hand account, I recently started on an official. The alpha there was friendly, and a number of the clans welcomed us. There are a few more toxic outliers but generally people there see PVP as an option and diplomacy as another option.

Tonight I found out about the duping bug. I left Conan last time because of the bomb dupe bug that lasted for 2 months, and I was shocked to find another one happening on my return. That is what made me quit then, and that is what will make me quit now. It’s the same for the rest of my clan. We don’t want to play under those “cheat or be cheated” terms.

Us PVPers, we can be a hardy bunch. A bit of toxicity, and destroyed base, and raided stash, we can roll with those punches because its what we signed up for and we have some resilience (at least those who stick with it- fools we may be), but the cheating, exploits and balance, is what ruins the game for many of us.

I’d agree a lot more with this if the PVE was better and in someway more challenging, and not just more health + more damage = more challenging. Most PVE enemies are defeated by simply walking in circles around them and timing the odd dodge. Boredom is the real enemy. That’s assuming you fight at all, as it is often objectively better just to hit an enemy from a far and watch your thrall have the fun.

Some people enjoy that gameplay, but I don’t personally find it compelling in the same way as the imminent threat of PVP.

Now if PVE enemy bases spawned in randomly with competent ai defenders, with loot at the centre as the reward, and you had to raid with all the pvp items, bombs, trebs and alike, I could be persuaded otherwise.

Also, it would up the anti if pve mobs wandered a bit, and weren’t always in the same predictable spots; and if most pve mobs had some method to range attack, or jump or climb, so they weren’t all rendered redundant by hopping on a vertical surface until they go home.

Yeah I apologize…I got a headache and the caps aren’t called for. Let me nurse this thing with copious amounts of medicinal bourbon and let me refresh and get back to you.

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No worries bud, hope you feel better soon

I was a tad sarcastic too, so apologies for that, mostly cos now I’m having dissonance over whether to quit or sink time in, now I’ve found out about all the duping.

Have goodun!

You too. Yeah I just got my old team up and excited so I’m plunging in regardless. My base designs normally aren’t an issue owthin unlimited bombs but that last round… perfect freaking timing as I was busy trying to move out my consolidated loot of 3 servers to a new one (my home server was deemed for destruction and so I had to bug out with multiple server transfesr) and got hit with an offline that I wasn’t counting on 1k bombs bring used…half my stores gone. 2 old school yogs touch…sigh still makes me sick thinking about it but that’s pvp…easy come easy go, right?

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I think PVPers who take this update really hard are the ones who had hard to raid bases. Now when others can get into their bases, they complain.

There is no other reason to complain about it, because same tools/spells are available to them as well…

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This post is lacking in critical context. What is the problem?

I guess, if I get hit by a 1000 bomb raid and lose it all (I’ve lost it all many times, I can take it), I’d at least like to know the enemy had to do the leg work in farming those bombs. They earn’t that raid and it had a cost to them.

When you choose not to cheat, as I and others do, the farming feels much more arduous when you know others are clicking a couple of buttons and yielding the same outcome in less time.

But Funcom themselves have indicated elements need rebalancing/nerfing so it doesn’t seem like a
spurious complaint.

Then there is the duping; can we all at least agree that should be fixed asap?

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let’s say it was far more harder and longer to acheive it.

raiding in past was already easy, only apex with a god bubble and a foundation spam perimiter were tough to raid, but now it’s not even anymore fun to raid someone, there is no more challenge at all, all easy, even transportation of loot…

this update has many critical bug that are totally game breaking, sorcery is not balanced at all in the old siege system, and as said all is becoming so easy, farming, raiding …

and what happened lastpvp, i look event log, full of destruction, i go over there, not a LS storm to change, I see 2 guys, placing bombs everywhere at god speed. i kill them (well to be honest only one, the other killing himself trying to spam bomb to kill me), their inventory full of fiber and stone, and one bomb. you know what it means… so can we seriously play in actual state of 3.0 ? without a fix coming very quickly ?


Yep. I played strictly PvP on officials from release to early 2019 and gave up.

Not only was the game just far too glitchy to enjoy in a full loot destruction PvP setting, but the players were on the next level of psychopathology.

The crap some of these players would say or do is Insanity. For example, besides the toxic and vulgar profanity…

Stalking players from server to server with the sole intention of making them miserable. To “wipe” them from servers. I never understood the desire to “wipe” someone. No opponents means no players to PvP with anymore?

Even as recent as 2021 when I tried to get back into PvP, I had players who somehow knew where I lived in real life and would harass and spout slurrs at me over voice chat.

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no you are wrong what you describre is may be 10-15% of pvp people, usually the big clan. but conan has always been a game, where a experienced solo players can teach some lessons to toxic pvp clan.

pvp looses its players because of the cheating / hacking problems, not because of behavior of pvp players or others problems (like big base that in contrary give a reason to play on pvp, because its always interesting to have some challenge to raid a good defensive base)

when some with speed hack, attack melee distance, and ability to loot and open your closed chest or vault, go to raid you, 90% of players quit for real. that the problem since 4 years nows.

hpefully it happens only at a rare frequency (i will say every 4-5 months)

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I guess it depends on where your last straw is at I see all the glitches exploits and bugs (cheats isn’t necessarily something I worry about since I’m console and while possible, rare) as things that get fixed over time… meaning they have solutions… eventually so patience is a virtue. Player junk, yeah that’s an issue that can’t be solved (and I tried)…only excised. And the last variable is the ToS enforcement which helps solve the player issue but comes at a costs of upsetting other players that get caught in the crossfire.

So the new content that makes the game the game unplayable isn’t killing the game currently?

Toxic pvp? Nothing has changed with toxicity every online multiplayer game will have toxicity. They can change so much about pvp but they won’t. Add dbd, smaller clan servers, monthly wipe severs so many options but instead they have the same old stale official severs. Theres no reason big clans should always get this bad rap about outnumbering and picking on others. It’s in the game you are allowed to have 10 players so maybe it’s time to make other options. They hardly test their product it seems. Two months go by and already another dupe glitch… that is their fault 100% just look at the videos out there all the players are asking them to fix it asap but what happens? A fix in a month or so which is enough time to wipe sever after sever. Pvp is in a terrible state because of the company who made it that way.

I’m not wrong, but you are right in that the game breaking bugs and exploits are more likely far more likely to deter players or cause them to quit, especially the current not to be named exploit.

For me and others it is the opposite though.

If your player interactions are dictated solely by the rules of the coding, that is the problem. If you aren’t in it for looking at how all the players are enjoying the game, including you, then that is the problem. Are you telling me you never pulled punches in any game because you saw everyone else was really enjoying it?..or perhaps didn’t beeline straight the the end of a dungeon because you got new players in there exploring? It’s no different in this game and, I know this may shock you, no different in playing w pvp game. Because at the heart of it all…what do we all have at the end of all of this? It’s not your keep in a server full of you conquests…it’s the stories you are talking to your friends about… ‘remember the time we were at war with like half the server and we didn’t know what we did?’. Yeah apparently dung is an important reason for that server’…you are going on ‘remember that chest of loot we got that had 900 dragon powder?’

This isn’t a distraction from what FC needs to do…there is plenty of that work on their plate and we should hold them accountable but no…these bugs aren’t the reason new players walk away. They are the reason vets do, sure but new players…they are just coming out of this in awe that this game is 4 year old and they never heard of it.

I’m literally seeing it unfold in front of me as a clan… clearly noobs and building noob things in noob ways don’t even recognize the treb that some solo vet put out there…ready to obliterate their base tonight…I’m letting it happen because the noobs need a lesson in overbuilding they are everywhere but if it was just that base? I would step in and stop it because noobs need a softer touch to keep the player playing.

Let me tell you what: It is the fault of the players.

PvP is driven by the players. The players define what is META, the players define what is exploiting/glitching.

What I mean is, players don’t have to use duping exploits if they think about fair play. But players do not want to have fair play because they want to have the advantage all the time. They ask for balance but at the same time they do all in hell to throw the balance over.

A game like this is best played in PvP in a controlled environment (private server) where you simply rule out imbalances. If the developer is unable, the players must act.