This is ridiculous

We run a private server that hosts about 25 players regularly. We have events and quest NPCs, as well as a dungeon where people can get purge thralls since they aren’t working correctly. Thanks to this Halloween event, everything we have worked so hard to do to give our players fun stuff to do in order to get items they could not regularly get has been negated. We had to turn harvesting down to 1 to keep people from getting hundreds of skeleton keys, repair kits and dyes. Now people have to gather much longer to be able to get stuff to build…oh wait, they can’t see for the next week to build their bases. Our server economy is going to crash, as there were only a few people who had the purge thralls to make the repair kits. Now people can just walk up and loot every single boss mob chest in the game without having to kill the bosses. And this is supposed to last for a week? We would have been better off to wait to wipe the server until after this asinine event.


It really is. People don’t need a lot of feel like you acknowledged the holiday. Some pumpkins. Maybe a crazy pumpkin man mob running around the desert. Some wearables with no AR or something. That’s it. This is another example of Funcom overreaching what they are capable of pulling off. You guys cant fix the purges and every update breaks the game. We don’t need a weeklong Halloween event, expecially AFTER Halloween.

At least give us the option of opting out of this. My eyes hurt from the endless twilight. I cant build. Im getting a headache.

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Seriously , what is next? Is Santa going to fly in on his lear jet and land on my house? Will it be a 2 hour long purge of elves maybe?

I shudder to think what you will do to Easter. 70 foot tall killer bunnies that ignore building damage being off.

1 X harvest rate = 62 Skeleton keys for one player on our server. How is this not an issue?

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Tascha has already commented that a hotfix is coming, with meteor loot balance being one of them. I’m sure it’s (understandably) frustrating now for server balance, but adjustments are coming.

This is mental!

I agree most player driven economies in private servers just got screwed, except for one server that decided to shut down while it lasts. In others, as most player base is mature enough, we haven’t gone in a meteors hunt frenzy as it looks all servers have, we rather go on with our regular game. I agree with the OP, this ítem rain or farming event, as I saw someone call it accurately, seems unfair to those that took their time and effort to build an immersive server, with trade beeing a part of it. This influx of high-end things, isn’t a good idea. I see inflation on the loose…

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The title of your post sums up your post. Ridiculous.

The event is awesome.

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The event is awesome, kinda like being in the Midnight Grove, would like to find at least 1 meteor just to see them but not the biggest of deals.

The only failing on FC’s part was not including an on-off switch for the event. Otherwise, the event itself was fine. It’s a limited time thing -not a change in lore or some perm change in your Sexiles roleplay immersion.

When players run a custom server with ‘house rules’, that’s on them to manage. But thanks to plenty of hyperbole and bratty demanding, FC changed things around.

So, congrats on getting the dev’s to cater around private custom servers. I look forward to the future events you will obviously trash as well.

I don’t really see what some people here can find “awesome” in this event. Well not the event itself but the graphism. When I loged in I tought my graphic card had suddenly some weird issue. Seriously, blue/purple? This remember me some docs i seen about the first CGA screens.

I bought a pretty nice 4 k screen and I have to face to… this.

Let speak about realism… If someone here seen in the real life the sky coming blue and all the environment purple or something like that, I will love to speak with him/her. I guess I’ll wait for a long time.

Let speak about the game itself… You want building ? oh well forget it, you can’t have a little idea of about your creation will appears, so forget to build or wait… hum… 1 week. You have a server and you created a economic system? Forget it also for some evident reasons. You want enjoying the beauty of the nature, even virtual? Forget this also, no more green rivers, blue lagoon and etc. Okay, this become boring, what to do then? Collecting stuffs from meteors? Yeah, If you enjoy to collect 243 picks or axes… Fishing? It’s not anymore clear water, it’s now… Abyss… Forget also then the fishs’s capture. You are new in the game, you login, I guess you’re wondering where you landed, I’m not new but i’m still wondering where my beautiful world is gone… I’ve read here someone asking that the guy who decided to put all theses “great new things” for a week will be fired. Oh, no, be serious, nobody have to be fired for something like that. But I guess “someone” can learn… Will be 1 little day, okay, it could be fun… but 7 days? This really annoy7ven :wink:

Ok. It has its flaws. I get the private server issue yeah. But I think we most people are being a little over dramatic.

I am building. Still building and fighting. No issues.

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