This is the buggiest game ever! Unplayable. Refund material

Ok so now I am seriously getting annoyed with this game. I can’t play for a few minutes before the game freezes, crashes and gives me the option to send a report to the developers.

I have sent 30 reports by now. I have posted on these boards with these difficulties. No solid reaction.

Just look at all these bugs, errors and crashes being reported here. I’ve never played a game with so many issues. It’s a rotten shame.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bugs are specific to certain setups. Most of us have setups that - for whatever reason - with only very minor issues. I say this not to excuse the game, but to say that you may have never ran into this many issues in other games because you weren’t one with the unlucky setup that it didn’t like in those games. If you do some googling, you’ll find that it’s pretty common for games to hate specific people. :sob:

Sure, but a lot of bugs are not depending on the system, like subtitles switching back on regularly, mutations not working (like Run and Gun with the Hog) and also 3d-scene animations as cut-scenes. Oh well, they are not animated, but hey, that might just be on my system :wink:

For 35 Euros I expect a professionaly finished game at least. I bought XCOM when it came out new for about the same. Its way more complex and has more content. And it is finished and polished with way more effort.

This one I could not even play on my native resolution, since it does not support it. You can imagine how happy we are with that…

And I forgot to mention, that most bugs appear on PC, PS4 and XBOX. The last to should be no surprise-configuration for the developers I think.

Also, I gotta call complete BS on this claim. When XCOM came out in 2012, it was $60 on PC. Even looking at historic conversion rates, 35 Euros in Oct 2012 is $40 USD. I do not believe you are remembering correctly.

On top of that, on release day you could get 15% off coupons everywhere for MYZ bringing the price to $30 USD. Yes, Euro users get screwed on the conversion rate but there’s still a big gap between this price and XCOM. And I haven’t even adjusted for inflation!

you mix up two posts here buddy. read carefully.

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Yep, fixed.

But you’re still pretty far off base with “buggiest game ever”. You clearly never heard of a little title called “Darklands.” :smiley:

I wouldn’t call it the buggiest game ever but it is the buggiest game I can remember playing personally (gaming for 30+ years) and certainly the most buggy console game I’ve played in the last 10 years.

It doesn’t totally ruin the game but another month or two of testing and polishing would have elevated the game considerably.