This is to funcom devs for conan exiles

I can only log on for 5 minutes or less i pay for a server every month for 10 members at a time we have built a large castle … and collected alot we have 4 members at max level … but after the last update we can not stay on our own paid server for more then 5 min at a time takes that long to load back in and get blue screen errors alot . My advice optomize the servers and the game better this makes elder scrolls look great now … money is being spent so do your jobs better . We loved the game before this last update the large one not that quick little one … the age of war blows … bring back the age of sorcerery we could atleast play the game then. If not going to fix this then i would like all my money back paid for 2 DLC packs just to build a better place spent alot of time on this base and building up a good clan but most of my guys have not even logged on since the day the age of war started … bugs are in construction and in bosses alot of them are just invisible the whole fight till they die … i dont even know what type of boss fight i am in … this is super annoying and very frustrating i have made many psn reports on this and sent clips … now do your jobs and fix this or hire someone from elder scrolls game to fix your screw up . Thanks


Welcome to the Forum. Does your server do a reset every day? Sounds like problem on server end perhaps some settings. @Kanebishop

Sounds bad. I know this update has brought some really bad bugs in, but on the Blue Screen side of things, one of the reasons this could be happening is that your console could be overheating, so it terminates the running programme to get back to a safe state.
Maybe your base is so big now, that your console is struggling to keep up.
A clean up of the internals and even some new thermal paste works wonders. Give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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