Game crashes and frequent freezing on Ps5

Hi there, long time fan and player. I have sank thousands of hours into conan and love the game and support the developers by buying DLCs and battle passes.

Before age of war I used to get the occasional freeze or error when checking the battle pass or bazaar or occasionally running around the world. I’d say I would get kicked maybe once an hour which even then was highly frustrating but my love of the game would brush it off and log back in. However, after the age of war update I find myself freezing and erroring out probably every 10-15 minutes. I spend more time waiting for loading screens and booting the game back up than actually playing. I truly hope a fix is coming for this issue because I love the game and want to continue my journey in the exiled lands but this has become unplayable. I have purchased every DLC and more crom coins than I’d like to admit. Please support console players and fix this issue as I have done my part to support the developers of a game I enjoy.


This has been happening since the 3rd update from agevof sorcery, the game was running great until then. Now it is constant lag and freeze, I thought they would patch it in the layest update but no suprise they havent. The game on console is awful to play at the moment.


Sadly it’s gotten so bad now I freeze instantly when going to or walking around my base I’ve spent hundreds of hours building. Was so hyped for Age of War and can’t even enjoy it, and I just purchased the battle pass the other day before realizing that I couldn’t even play or level up through the pass.

Please Funcom tell me this is being fixed. I can’t just move over the thousands of hours and money I’ve spent over to PC from my console account.


for me when i try to do anything in the journey quests tab i get lag spikes and frame rate drops to single digits to the point it looks like a slide-show. in the option menu disabling the switch to incomplete journey quests so you don’t have a active journey quest seems to fix the lag spikes and frame rate drops for me :thinking: give this a try.

sadly with funcom’s track record the 8-ball is saying not likely.

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The journey steps can be turned off. Oh my had a magic 8 Ball 45 or more years ago it leaked and was no longer magic. We are playing on Siptah not to many disconnect but some

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Thank you for reporting this issue to us, but could you please use the given Bug Report Template?

This template has most of the information we need to start investigating and will make the process a lot quicker for everyone :smile:

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

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