This may affect *you*

Can a more experienced player clarify what is considered ‘illegal’?
I understand cross foundations, but I often put fence foundations on the side of foundation blocks to hide the ugly transition from foundation to wall. I also use foundation blocks between walls to create a stronger defense. Is that considered ‘overlapping’?

Under correction, I suspect that any server with mods loaded that have any effect on how close build pieces can be placed to each other, overlapping build pieces, sinking build pieces below a certain ground level will have issues.

Based on what happened when the fix a couple of months back that cleaned up builds over spawn points and too near cities, etc., the areas affected will de-spawn.

So, if you have mods loaded, check with the Author/Dev.

On Official and un-modded servers I am guessing that there could be issues where if, for example, you keep rotating a fence foundation over/within a foundation until it stops saying it can’t be placed and then place it, you’re in for an ‘exciting’ time post-patch. Draw-bridges and elevators also have some overlap ‘glitches’ where you can kind of use triangle foundations to build creatively.

Post-patch screaming aside, just think of all the inconvenience this patch will cause to exploiters and griefers. Watching their complaints post-patch will make any base collapse my side well worth it :smiley:

Thanks in advance to FunCom on keeping the patches rolling! @Tascha


Hey there,

Let us clarify without going into specifics for obvious reasons:

Once the patch hits live, each server will be scanned and any overlapping structures will be completely erased from the database. By overlapping, as we explained in the announcement, we mean pieces that occupy the same spot in space. Also, fence foundations in cross formations will be targeted, as that is due to a bug that has been used extensively and caused some troubles.
Once that wipe takes place, servers will restart normally without those targeted pieces in place. That means, that when building stability calculations take place, all those wiped pieces wont be there anymore, thus collapsing any other pieces that would depend on the erased ones to sustain themselves.

As we said in the announcement, those of you who know exactly what it means don’t need any further explanation on what preparations to make before the patch lands. Those of you that still don’t know what all of this mumbojumbo means, it’s almost safe to say you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

And again, this will affect official servers only. It would be very difficult for us to predict the effects of this patch with any combination of mods installed.

As a final clarification, once the patch releases, building this kind of structures won’t be possible anymore.

Hope that cleared it out. Please feel free to share any questions you might have about this keeping our Community Guidelines in mind.


Will there be issues going forward on a modless server that still has some of these structures present? It’d be impossible for me to locate and remove them, and I’m very concerned that my database will become corrupted after the code is changed to no longer allow this type of placement. Surely this was tested?

I hope you’re right, because despite knowing in the broadest terms what the hubbub is kinda-sorta about (I think everyone on the forums has gathered at least an inkling) I still have absolutely no idea of what exactly the big problem is. Other than something to do with server performance.

Just hoping my carefully stacked (and sometimes overlapping!) fences/flowerpots will be fine, heh!


In this case considering it’s a private server, structures already present will remain, but no other similar structures will be able to be built after the patch. If you haven’t experienced any issues in your server recently, there shouldn’t be any reason for concern.

It has undergone multiple passes QA side and it was deemed the safest way to cover this issue.


Hi, an abuse with this kind of structure is the reason of officials server having very high ping, or crashing, or do not allow connection of players? in short to have official server not playable ?

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It is one of the reasons some servers are having issues, yes.

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thank you, i cross fingers… and toes

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Dear Jens, sorry for digging into it, but will fence foundations attached on sides of a wedge/rectangular or in between this be affected by this? For example having a pattern like this |□|□| seen from above?

Might not, but there’s a Testlive patch coming preferably before the Tuesday patch with this fix in it so players can get a heads-up of what this fix could entail for their constructions.


Thank for the reply and sorry for mixing you up with JEV. I was writing this an my mobile and mixed your avatars :sweat_smile:

:fist_right::fist_left: DUDE! :boom::100::astonished: UR BASE :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

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Your ideas as always come from those who do not play the game in the present.
If you experience problems on any servers, sort it out individually.
I played on three servers, no problem because of this.

Here’s a free advice on how to solve the problem: correct the possibility of building without deleting the structures already created.

On pvp server problems will be fixed very quickly. If there is a pve server with this problem (I very much doubt it), then solve it individually.

Now, as far as I understand, we are talking about the possibility to put a fence inside the foundations.
Question. If the fence is inside the foundation, then the removal will occur and the foundation and the fence? Or do you remove only the fence? I hope that only the fence. Otherwise it is a complete failure.

In addition, you have chosen a very convenient time. Now is the time of the academic session. State exams and diploma protection. Thank you so much for having decided to take on this right now.

IT will be both. they have been on this issue for at least 2-3 weeks looking for any way but the way they are doing it. They are erasing the structures all together, not decaying, destroying or destabilizing. which means they are basically scripting a wipe of certain coding.


The tone of your posts make it very unlikely you will get a response or any attention to your suggestions. In addition, it comes across as a personal problem, not one that would affect the community at large.

Personally, I would choose a different phrasing if I wanted to contribute something or get an answer, but that’s just me.

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This is a complete failure from their point of view. The opportunity to put the fence in the foundation was before the release and after. Nobody said it was a mistake. I’m talking about 1 fence, not a lot. I always built a square foundation surrounded by 4 fences and 1 in the center. The whole base is on this basis. And now the entire base 50x50x120 should collapse because of this? You can not put a fence in the foundation, just remove the fence, where there is an intersection. The foundation should not suffer because of this.

And in general, the game is turned into a digger online, it’s impossible, it’s impossible. There is no freedom, there is no creativity with such a “solution” of problems.

there is just around 15 officials servers totally unplayable, i mean you can not connect at all or they crash every 5 mn; or come to 1931 or 1932 pvp server to have a taste. well if u can connect…


You DO present a valid point that should be considered. We do not have all the details that were hopefully taken into consideration, but I am curious why they didn’t just

I do believe that server crashing was only advantageous to those in competition with each other (pvp especially) and the prevention of future construction could be a viable fix with less collateral damage.