This Newb needs help - not sure what kind of game I purchased?


I purchased this game (PC version via Steam) with the expectation of creating a character and spending many happy hours leveling gradually and exploring … not sure this game is good for me though. Perhaps it is me and I just don’t understand how to play yet (I wasn’t in any beta). A few questions please?

  1. Where do I choose my server … or is that even a thing? I want PVE and not PVP but I’m never prompted t choose a server

  2. Is there some sort of explicit SAVE function … and if not, when is my game saved? I lost my first character so I had to recreate when I came back the next day - not sure what I did wrong or if the server changed out from under me

  3. I see where I can become admin of my own server and get anything I want but I don’t like that kind of “cheat” … so how can I play PVE

  4. When I die, my body isn’t always left around it seems … since I’m playing in a mode where all my “stuff” is left on the body this really has annoyed me

I REALLY WANT to like this game - I REALLY WANT TO EXPLORE the big bad world (albeit at my own snail’s pace). I’m hoping it is just me not doing something right … any help would be appreciated!

=Gneen (not yet level 10 on a character I can get back!)

1 - there is only a server option if you chose “play online” If you chose “sinle player / co-op” there is no server option and you play alone.
2 - It is saved automatically. To continue your old game in co-op select “continue”. To continue with the same character online you have to go back to that same serer.
3 - Just don’t set up your own server
4 - I’ve had this happen, too. Your dead body isn’t where you thought it was. For me I just don’t carry around too much stuff and I have spares in a chest somewhere close to my bedroll.

It’s not like Skyrim. It’s a survival game where you start off with literally nothing and get stronger from there, and more skilled.

There isn’t a save function. You log off, on both online and offline play, and you start where you logged off.

When you die, you go back to the last bedroll or bed that you check in with. If you have not checked in with a bedroll or bed, you go back to where your character originated.

You’re not doing anything wrong, it just takes a couple of weeks(ignore the vets that say they learn in 15 minutes) to get a firm footing on the game mehanics.

It took me a few real days to get a system down for base building, and another week of looking around before I was knowledgable enough to do some deep exploring. And there’s a lot to explore! There are little snippets of lore everywhere!

It’s a fantastic game. The best thing to do is just jump in and make mistakes. One big lesson for me was that it’s ok to start over with a brand new character.

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