This old funny bug :)


Yup it’s still there, I saw this a couple of weeks ago :rofl:


A light stretch after combat helps to reduce stress


One of the first bugs in early EA, the thrall stretch. Still not fixed. Personally, I haven’t seen that in years, but I remember it from 2017.

How many STR points your slave have? Looks like over 9000 if he just stands on the enemy’s feet and still managed to hit so hard it shot them into orbit without tearing it apart. Be careful, if it comes back like a rubber band it’s gonna hurt your slave!

@SirDaveWolf how are you not dizzy from that FOV? Is this allowed? I’m not saying you are (and the ones who use it) cheating, I’m just curious since I don’t play multi. I saw some videos and most of them (PvP) had this crazy FOV. (How much? 150?)

I heard that multiple times already, that having an FOV higher than 75 is “cheating”. The thing is it’s basically mandatory to have in PvP now, because of the better overview in PvP. And yes, it’s allowed. Otherwise Funcom would’ve patched it already.

I personally use 120 FOV. I tried to play again with lower than 75 but I actually got dizzy from that, since I am so used to 100+ FOV.

On the screenshot I played archer build in PvP. The zoom-in when shooting actually shows how bad low FOV is in PvP. I died to 2 people hitting me from the side/behind because I didn’t see them coming despite having the big FOV (because of the zoom-in from the bow). I didn’t try a higher FOV with bow yet, but I guess I’ll have to go to 150+ for bow PvP.

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Why you call it old , on PS4 never left :rofl::rofl::rofl: .

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@SirDaveWolf ,where is your charisma buff ?