Thoughts on Server Transfers and Animation Cancelling

I just want wep swapping back for pc
With the offhand swapp removed

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I agree with your pov regarding server transfers. These will help with repopulation and they will no doubt benefit solo players alot.
While I agree that animation canceling had to be removed, 2H axes need a complete rework, since I find the current animations for this type of weapon annoying and not very practical in combat situations. For short swords, some combos are not very appealing and katanas feel like you’d shoot yourself in the foot if you use one to fight actual enemies.

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I think there will be a decent number of reworks to weapon animations coming in the future. 2H Axe may or may not get a rework but I feel like it is one of the few weapons that has a very unique animation that should stay in the game. The ‘spin attack’ is very fantasy based and IMO belongs in the game. It seems a lot of RPG games have their own ‘spin-to-win’ builds and this one fill a niche for Conan. That said, if they do decide to change it, it won’t hurt my feelings as I don’t use 2H axes. Katanas probably need the most love out of all the various weapon types, although I don’t use them either, so again I am indifferent.

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