Thrall and animal HP

Why do Thralls and pets have such a crazy high HP pool? Shouldn’t they be more or less like players or the animals you encounter while exploring?

Remember that you CAN resurrect after death keeping all your exp, level, feat and attr points, but your Thralls and Pets die FOREVER. So you’d go hunting for a new T4 Thrall or waiting for hours and days to tame a new Greater pet with 10-20% probability to get it every 6 hours. Who’d bother to put so much efforts for that?

Knock out tamed thrall … takes less time than trying to kill them now a days …

Thralls and pets don’t know how to dodge, which means they need to face-tank every hit coming their way. If they were as easy to kill as their cousings in the wild, they wouldn’t be worth the trouble of recruiting or taming in the first place.


Wouldn’t it be cooler if they could fight properly and you just give them more power with equip? It’s really odd to encounter Thralls that have the same hp pool as the undead dragon.

Should be but are not :woman_shrugging:Stealing enemy vathis is a lot more fun than stabbing it for 10 minutes

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If you want real health pools, use T1 thralls from south. Enjoy them dieing in 1-2 hits to crocs. And totally 1 shot in north. 400health thralls just can not live. XD

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