Thrall cap fluctuation in clan, going over the cap

Hi all, I could not find an answer to this so let me ask:

What happens when thrall count is over the cap?

If your clan has 3 members then cap is 65 (55+2 additional members).
You get to the cap 65/65 and then someone leaves the clan - this would bring the cap down to 60.
What will happen?

Last I heard was you can not place more thralls until you get below the cap. Either dismiss on your own or whatever random way the game will remove.

If the follower cap is enabled on the server when this happens, the server will delete one random follower from your clan every 30 minutes, until you’re down to 60. The first follower will be deleted 30 minutes after you’ve gone over the cap.

If there’s someone from your clan logged on, they will get a warning notification on their screen.

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