Thrall (Horse) inside mesh; can't recover

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official server; pvp

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thrall inside mesh
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A horse of mine, when “returning home”, spawned inside the mesh just behind a natural wall (not player built). Location: inside the natural structure on the east side of the great dam. The majority of the horse’s head and part of its shoulder can be seen sticking out of the natural rock of the tower I’m built inside. Building in this spot is blocked due to the horse being there. The horse cannot be interacted with despite the parts of its body protruding through.

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i don’t know how to reproduce but here is how it happened.

  1. set the horse to guard at a location very close to where it now is. This location was directly under a hatch frame but no part of the horse would be in contact with it. One side of where the horse was set to guard was a player made wall where, again, the horse was far enough away from it to not be touching it.

How about getting my horse back for me?

I probably could put myself under the mesh and retrieve the horse that way but, I mean, you guys embarrassingly, and much to your own loss of player count, don’t seem to want to do anything about players being able to do that but its something I refuse to do even though I know how.

How about show some appreciation for a player, let alone the greatest conan player on the globe, and get this horse unstuck for me? You won’t.

You may want to check the TestLive section for the patch we are currently testing. Soon you will be able to rescue your horse without any outside assistance.

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