Thrall nerf to far?

Veja como esse conjunto de atributo de meu Thral “Teimos” nível 20 pode ser pior mesmo com meu Thrall ficando melhor em vida como sempre fica muito bom porém me basta apenas resetar os atributos para deixar ele melhor e da forma que estou querendo que ele seja para o PVP.

Uma questão para quem estiver com dúvida em fazer o elixir ao trocar os atributos de seu Thrall ele perderá vida portanto fique ciente dessa informação @Funcom_Community Espero poder ter ajudado todos na comunidade conan

I do not understand this take. I have not said anything about an attachment to thralls. We have a few hundred in boxes for replacement.

I merely bring up the correct point that if I have to have the strongest thralls leveled to 20 to defend a base in purge, and still isn’t enough, then the nerf is too much. Why is this a difficult concept to understand?

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pode ser usado dessa forma também sendo uma ótima ideia.
Descobri que alguns Buff que antes podiam ser usados já não fazem mais qualquer efeito no Thrall isso deve ser útil. Veja fiz o teste com todos os Buf que o jogo permite porém mesmo na imagem tem como perceber que há informação duplicada porém é apenas um BUG visual acho que irão arrumar isso até liberar para todos pois não se aplica o que se mostra e não está com atributos duplicados já testei não muda nada. Todos devem notar isso que agora não são permitidos usar buf no Thrall que será envão. Uma observação não tem como trocar o Elixir que for usado e também não tem como substituir qualquer buf aplicado nada se junta ou se soma. Ficou ótimo assim certamente a funcom terá muito cuidado com isso para PVP.

Estou fazendo testes específicos para PVP a estética faz parte exelente porém me atento ao pvp. @Funcom_Community

And I agree there…BUT you may lose thralls in the defense of your base and that is what should be as far as balance of the purge. A level 6 beserker purge shouldn’t be able to be repelled without casualties and that is the issue with many here. They don’t want their thralls with a risk of death.

Sim @Marcospt . A vida do Thrall pode alterar conforme muda os atributos podendo ser para mais ou para menos mas não permanentemente. Caso tenha dito permanentemente foi equivocado mas posso editar. @Funcom_Community A questão é quando mudar os atributos o aviso serve mais para o pvp pois acredito que alguns irão mudar o atributo para determinadas tarefas porém tenho que lembrar que não há forma de escolher por ser automático e aleatório até o momento confira esse detalhe no vídeo que fiz para resolver sua dúvida e da comunidade a isso.

@Ignasi repare que há linhas repetidas dentro das informações até mesmo do personagem dentro do jogo

Essa atualização de linhas duplicadas foi boa.

mas repare que ainda continua duplicada dentro do jogo para todas as informações de estatísticas.
Aguardo e espero que isso se resolva por favor também confira se essa duplicidade não afeta o personagem ou trall de alguma forma. @Funcom_Community

Isso é errado de se afirmar confira como meus seguidores são muito melhores com essa atuaização

O bom dessa atualização que todos terão tempo para ver onde estão errando porém o assunto de como fazer um Thrall já se limita a informação pois assuntos de pvp próprio não posso dizer devido a minha própria gameplay e com certeza não é somente meus aliados que estão vendo como estou me atualizando dentro do testlive. Sim existem inimigos de gameplay somente para guerras dentro do servidor como forma de diversão é ótimo, mas posso ajudar caso tenha dúvidas em assuntos citados por exemplo. Espero ter ajudado com esse assunto em questão @Funcom_Community

Sim o Thrall era como nossa babá e agora já podemos seguir sozinho sem ela mesmo assim existem muitos clãs que se unem para terminar com a guerra. Porém se já é bom no pvp nada irá mudar veja, meus seguidores acabamos de matar o dragão esqueleto o jogo está melhor que antes além do combate no visual está ótimo, lembrando que estou testando mais devido ao pvp oficial não jogo em servidores privados por ser muito fácil. Veja o vídeo de como matei com dois Thrall

veja também como eles podem matar qualqer coisa muito rápido mas o melhor é que não tem como saber com qual item eles estão ou qual armadura também.
Age of Sorcery 2x2 #testlive #conan #conanexiles #pvp #funcom - YouTube Tudo será de certa forma meio fake em qualquer ponto de vista visual tanto do jogador até mesmo do seguidor podendo ser uma bela armadilha junto de seu Thrall.


Greetings everyone and thank you for sharing your experience with 3.0 and all the thrall changes.

We’ve passed all this information over to the rest of our development team as they are always working on improving the world of Conan Exiles.


Just to show another point of view.

Just recently, I did a test with an absolute newcomer to Conan (and newcomer to so-called survival open world games at all).

I gave him a relatively normal tamed Cimmerian Berserker with just around 4k life with standard armor and a Star Metal Great Sword and a horse to ride from A to B. So all in all nothing special and let him play through the complete Conan story. I only told him where he could find which artefact, when he asked for, to unlock his bracelet and where to find the entrances to the special not lore related dungeons.

It took him exactly 2 days, first day 10 hours and second day 8 hours to play through the entire story, even a few Legendary Bosses he ran into were killed and also the Wine Cellar, the Sunken City and Warmakers Sanctuary was visited.

He himself stayed out of almost every fight because his equipment was more than bad and let his Thrall do the work and was able to finish the game completely without farming, building or even dying. Yes, the Unnamed City was also visited unnecessarily and the Red Mother was killed once, just so that he could at least see it all. Thanks to his Thrall, he never had any problems.

And so I’ll just throw the question into the room. Is it really intentional that with a mediocre Thrall you can play through the whole game within 2 days without having to do anything yourself?

Now my friend has the feeling that he has mastered the game and played the game to the end and has seen everything, but he didn’t really have to do anything for it, except watch what his cimmerian berserker was doing.


SO TRUE! Not just the two of us, all the players that can cooperate in pve battles can do so much better than a player with a thrall! So much better and the fun is huge! All these years I literally BEG players from pve servers to follow and play this way. 9 to 10, or better 99 to 100 they never do :pensive:. I know that people cannot find fun in things I do and I respect that, I totally do.
This was one of my greatest reason I started years ago to participate in pvp servers. I was helping clans and admins with this in return, to follow me on a dungeon without thralls :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Alleluia!!! This.
The game HUGE content, beautiful content!!!
It’s unfair to be judged so lightly and all we hear and read is about bugs and bad performance, it’s just unfair!

There is another point of view and question, “Is this what Funcom wanted as their game experience?” I’m sympathetic to letting people play their way. So is Funcom apparently as they gave us a means to adjust thrall power with sliders in server settings. If we want our thralls beefier again, we can just notch up their damage or notch down their damage taken. Funcom on the other hand is producing a product to their vision and if juicy thralls are not in line with that… well, its their art.

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We do not disagree!!! I know what you are talking about :blush:.
I loved the God thralls too, maybe the ones you didn’t had the chance to meet (except arena champion ofcurce :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I never spawn her), but I started the game weaker than this character you play now. I started the game with weaker thralls that they are going to be.
With no commands at all and greater difficulties (lava, bleeding, poisoning, etc…).
Without horses and op weapons, OK maybe they existed I just didn’t knew their existence :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
And it went fine, beautiful, really beautiful actually that almost 4 years after here I am.
Give it time, especially a player like you will loose 0 thralls.
Will it be difficult for new players?
Yet they have all the numbers and the feedback they needed to act this way!
I am not against anybodys fun, I respect all the members here and the way they have fun!
Am I happy with your sadness?
I just played with worst conditions knowing literally nothing of the game and it went really well. This difficult Conan had the greatest player base ever, you couldn’t find empty servers and place to build :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Let’s hope these days will revive, that’s all I wish my dear friend :pensive:.

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This. This is the ultimate question. Did Funcom intend on thralls bring so overwhelmingly powerful in their design. I can say from coms throughout the years, they have not. IMHO, this thrall nerfing should have happen back in 2019. I mean the game morphed to Pokemon for God’s sake. During combat (pvp or PvE) it was literally like

‘Dalensia Snowhunter, I choose you’

‘hm hm hm. I see your Dalensia is strong but is she any match for my Beastmaster Teimos? Beastmaster Teimos, I choose you’

Seriously they had to change the damage multiplier on thrall to PC damage and nerf that because that little exchange was what pvp was. I think they were a bit scared to do the total nerf because the PvE community was still hot about weapon nerfing that were exploited in pvp and do they lost some goodies in the process. I digress. The issue here is that thralls morphed into something that was against design and this was designed to be a multiplayer game which is why bosses are tanks. If you play solo, you are already going against the grain and will suffer because the game isn’t geared for that…pvp or PvE. Yes that means it’s not fair for those folks…and? Get friends or get good.

I’ve been following this discussion. I just wanted to point out to everyone something every good developer knows;

"Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game,” and therefore, “one of the responsibilities of designers is to protect the player from themselves .” If players finds a way to exploit a game, by optimizing and repeating a mundane task to get resources or defeat enemies, they will do that.

I dont believe the nerf had anything to do with pvp. In fact, I believe it had everything to do with pve.

Again, I am sympathetic to making your own difficulty. People will remember I made that point in the past. Funcom however has a different vision. They have adjusted our character to be beefier and given us methods mentioned above to compensate for the nerf. I can understand if after playing with the new rules someone is unhappy, but I suggest playing it first for full context.

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No. But you spoon fed the player every step of the way. So your test was meaningless.

You gave him a Cimmerian Berserker which requires a Purge (something he couldn’t handle), Mounds of the Dead (which he wouldn’t have reached in that amount of time), or Stargazer’s Crest (also wouldn’t have reached in that amount of time.)

You gave him a high tier sword that requires him to go even farther north.

As a new player he would not have known where to go find the resources he needed.

He completely bypassed the majority of the game. He never had to learn how to gather iron, or make steel. He likely never bothered crafting at all, because you babied him.

You even said yourself that the test is invalid.
He never farmed. He never built.
He never died because the entire thing was a cheat.

Legit surprised that literally NOBODY else commented on this.

You’re basing the argument on Thralls needing to be nerf because a player that essentially cheated and went out of bounds of what was even possible had too easy of a time with a game.

Come back when you have a brand new player like that, who picks the game up and doesn’t get everything handed to them from the start. Only going with online guides or maps to look for things, but nobody giving them gear or anything else.

Because sure, anyone can beat the game rapidly when they cheat like f*ck. As with any other game.


You give too much credence to forum whining impacting fundamental game design.

I am just going to say this. I pick thralls for a variety of reasons. I have some male fighters placed, but they are all Berserkers, and they are almost all in the same outpost.

The rest are female. I tend toward fighters, not archers. I have Berserkers, RHTS, Dalinsias, Nordheimer and Cimmerian III, and named fighters from the river area.

I also place the occasional Exile I, II, or III, because I find one with qualities that are rare. Have you ever noticed how few truly blonde thralls there are that aren’t dancers? I ran across a RHTS fighter with blonde hair in that short double braid style. Never seen one of those in the wild.

My point is, I leveled them all. I took them into battle where they were appropriate, and got them the best stats I could. If I stand the chance of losing a rare thrall, I’m going to move it to someplace where it has a chance. Bases in areas that get hard purges are going to get fodder, and lots of it. I won’t bother to spend all my time levelling thralls in between purges.

I will see what happens with the update. If it is too much, I will play enough to not get purges, and I will still leave my base naked and wear only armor I find on the dead. That’s a rather interesting game.

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