Thrall nerf to far?

It doesnt even have to be a “switch” in settibgs. A blue print is a linking of commands. I am starting to learn more how theybwork myself. Basiccaly an if/then redirect based on servers settings (pvp, building damage, etc) to redirect whatever they want.

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Why? It still does it’s job but requires a bit more skill. Quick strong hit and run away to regroup and charge again. What is missing is the entire problem with horses in that you get 4-5K of extra shielding and a constant attack with no stamina cost that is the strongest attack in the game. Now it’s still very strong but requires stamina and you have a larger risk of being dismounted.

If this does move people away from horses, then I don’t want to hear a dang word about PVP skill anymore. They literally made horse combat more of a skill than a spammer dream combat and if that means the pvp community walks from horses…just sad state of PVP in that case.

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Vejo que a grande maioria não conhece a frase mais falada no Brasil “caiu do cavalo”.
Eu jogo pvp e derrubar uma pessoa de seu cavalo é muito fácil, não vou dar mais detalhes a isso.
Em questão a nerf sim acho que não irão ajustar uma arma que tem impácto maior no PVP para agradar o PVE e separar tudo como dizem não seria o mesmo jogo. Imagina o trabalho para atualizar dois jogos dentro de um apenas sem chance disso acontecer quero lembrar a todos, conan é voltado para o pvp desde armas e outros recursos de construção. PVE é uma consequência para quem gosta de jogar o jogo sem ter muita correria de ficar entrando em combate toda vez que ver alguém no mapa, ou seja, racional sem mortes que e por isso temos tantas DLC bonitas que até mesmo no PVP são muito usadas até mesmo em construções. Adoro conan e estão reclamando sem ver o foco dos ajustes que são sempre voltados para PVP e PVEC devido ao JXJ ou 1x1 que sempre é 1x8 XD

You answered your own question. I not complaining just guessing what will happen.

they simply removed all what allowed a base to resist some minutes in a offline raid. now i would say that the most well builded base with defence will may be stand 5mn offline at max. (for information it was already possible to raid a base and kill 20 very strong thrals+ alone in being naked witha poisoneous spear in full encumbrance, it was just taking some time (30mn-1 hour)

oh but good new now you will be wiped in 5 mn when you go to toilet, but now it will be faster to farm again to build. we all know that in fact we play this game to farm, but not at all for the siege mechanism (attack or defend a base), but if you prefer defend base which is at least a good 50% of pvp players, what is the point to loose your time in farming a base if it cannot stand any raid.because balance of siege mechanism is totaly destroyed. they are nerfing base defence for more than 2 years, and now even provide magic to go directly to your roof. great, i would suggest to fc to build base to give some raidbalbe base to players, because i doubt that any reasonnable player will continue to like the siege balance on the defense side. problem is not to rebuild fast, problem is to have base that take some time to be raided.


@Funcom_Community Recomendo a todos ler todas as regras antes de entrar em servidores oficiais vejo que a grande maioria não se atenta a essa questão. Chat toxico ou Construção estacada com muitas portas e tetos perto de mais irão te dar banimento sim e geralmente quem faz a reclamação não irá fazer sozinho. Para quem é do Brasil fiz um vídeo sobre isso com narração.
Já falei sobre isso aqui antes recomendo conferir:

I made another thread addressing the issues you are bringing up. It’s mainly about the ice bridge and flying bay to bypass all the defenders defenses.

I wish I knew what you were saying

but that is an issue with raiding, not with thralls. Thralls have been overpowered and the PC have been supporting the thralls. Heck do you remember when healing arrows were effective? What was the play style? Load up on healing arrows and send your thrall in. We were literally Gabrielle and had Xena as a thrall. That is just a fundamental issue with game play (PVP or PVE) that it needed to be redone.

I agree that base defense is pretty much done and you might as well leave the doors unlocked with the ease of getting raiding tools and the unchanged damage potential of these raiding tools. But that can be addressed outside of this. This issue needed to be dealt with regardless of how we all took advantage of moronic demigods guarding our bases.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i’m sorry, thrall are ineffective actually in base defence if offline, they just take some time to kill.

again i can raid a base naked, with a poison spear, with 50 enc, 20 grit and 23 health, just need a lot a healing and i can kill full geared thralls level 20. i jsut have to jump on a workbench, and 20 thralls to kill take 30mn-1h. which mean i can actually raid alone, naked and totally wipe a well built pvp base in around 2h if they are offline. with update 3.0 what will be the time ? 15mn ? less ? thralls are op in pve, but their ia is not able to manageworkbench inside a base. they work on a flat ground with no obstacles only.


I recommend everyone to read the rules before entering official servers I see that the vast majority does not pay attention to this issue. Toxic chat or piled construction with no and close to more difficulties will give the ceiling yes and cause the ceiling to run in isolation. For those who are from Brazil I made a video about it with narration.
I already talked about it here before checking it out:

@Funcom_Community I won’t be translating every time. You can use the translator to help you understand everything.

I hope I have helped everyone with this information.

Tbh, healing “arrows” sounds like the dumbest thing ever in a game like this. Where magic is nearly non-existent in most traditional forms, you get magic arrows to heal something.

Those type of things work in other games where magic is a much more frequent occurrence.

But in Conan? Trying to believe that shooting an arrow into someone can heal them instead of damaging them is…pretty d*mn ludicrous.

Mr. @Dia is batting 1,000! I’m not reading anything he’s replying to but his replies are accurate and precious! :100: :+1:t6:

I honestly believe they should double it!

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Hrmph. My level 0 t3 “redshirt” guard at the front of my base survived 2 waves of gators before the boss gator ended him. I was honestly surprised he got that far…


I tried. The purge targeted my emergency hut instead of my proper base and I didn’t feeling like huffing it the distance lol

Yup, so that one thrall fought how many? 10 or 20 guys before he’s finally low enough to get killed - and even then only by a super-soldier. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I expressed earlier; I get it, it’s fun (for awhile) to have a superman at your beck and call. In the final analysis however it just turns players into museum curators, hoarders, collectors, sim observers, and eventually kills the fun, challenge and interest in the game. You can still do most of those things in 3.0 anyway but my hunch is that’s not what the designers are hoping for.

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You shouldn’t. It’s a ridiculous asumption!

Yes, of course!

I’ve seen you try to fight one. You had to call me and Kiki in to save you. You died like 8 or 9 times while Kiki and I died zero times and killed just about everyone for you. Or do you wish to pretend that never happened?