Thrall&Pet leveling logic

Could you explain logic behind leveling system of thralls and pets?

For my observe I can tell that leveling named thralls are much easier than leveling any pet and they are much stronger than pets. I tried leveling both greater and normal pets and leveling is too slow paced and not so rewarding as leveling named thralls. They lose to thralls in all aspects.

  1. they do less damage
  2. they are less tanky
  3. they are more buggy(their al system is creepy. they almost never follow commands properly)
  4. they need better food witch needs more grinding
  5. they are much less effective in both pvp and pve

For me now pets are just decorations they do not have any real value. Leveling them are just waste. at least if you allow thrall + pet follower it will gain any weight or just buff them by making them easier to level up or just a bit stronger then named thralls.

You can easily farm named thralls in beginner zone and getting greater pets are hard cause it depends on luck and chances are too slim and not greater ones are even more trash then greater ones.

I even do not understand logic why leveling T1 thrall is much harder then named thrall. They are much weaker at level 20. trying to level up them are just w8 and I’m sure noone does that.

so please guys explain me logic behind it.

Thank you in advance

The need for named thralls is pretty average. PVE wise, a 2500hp thrall in heavy armor will hold its own against world boss. (few spots they’ll get wiped out, but that’ll wipe any thrall…lol)

Even with lower damage mod, they still work. You have to be really into “higher numbers” or just want best of best… when its not even a requirement.

I rarely used named thralls out in field. There fairly OP, and make the game pretty boring. I tend level t2 and t3s, Mostly some of "t4"s from south of map who don’t break 3k health. (which was High Health back in day, when they fixed the rare 5k’ers. And 3-4k were the Norm)

Pets is toss up, I use most of mine as cannon fodder, pet fails to crit… it gets tossed in yard, or I gather a few in a box, and place them near world boss, and lulz at them fighting. XD
Or minor Purge decoys, XD

I can’t say I notice difference in leveling a t1 to a t4… I mostly do runs up and down river killing deer and crocs. They all get to lv10 fairly quickly.

Most of “easy” t4’s in south side have low damage modifiers. Or low health pools… Few of them will hold out when leveled.
There mostly just fodder… Thou, again… if t1 are slower leveling… I havnt really noticed it.

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