Thrall Settings: Passive, Guard/Warn, Agressive, Emote

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: NA

Passive - Thrall does not attack.

Guard - Thrall stands guard. Warns enemy player that gets to close with a warning emote. If the player comes to close then the guard attacks.

Aggressive - Stands guard and attacks all…

Emote - Stands a displays emote/animation (This could include bard/musician animations).

This is as a problem for a large portion of the population. Role play servers have the issue of being forced into PVE or a variant which simply doesn’t work for a lot of people paying monthly for a server. This option seems available within the admin spawn section but this does not work with PVP settings as they override the spawn settings.

Therefore the ‘commands’ should be put out as a feature on the thralls settings.

All the best.

Steps on how to process.
1.Place thrall
2. Toggle wheel and select status
3. Passive, Guard, Agressive.


Hi @Mootzart, we’ll move the topic to the Suggestions board as it would be the best way to gather further input for your feedback.

As mentioned in previous patch notes, the next few patches will be focused on NPCs and followers, so we welcome all suggestions regarding them!


Sounds good.

All the best.

Make it so devs!

But first, improve their AI and tactics. I am sad when I see a thrall stand there like a moron as they die from my poison gas arrows…


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