Thrall stat question any different from where they're from

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Whether they’re from the desert to the volcano is there any difference thrall-wise?


Initial stats are determined by faction.

What exactly stats do is determined by the individual thrall.

So which faction is best?

Relic Hunters
Votaries of Skelos
Forgotten Tribe
Heirs of the North
Dogs of the Desert
Lemurian Remnants
Black Hand
Darfari Maneaters

In the order from best to worst. For Exiled Lands. Siptah factions I believe are more or less on parity with one another.

You’re missing a few aren’t you?

Fixed it. Forgot about the little Savannah area. Been a minute since I built there. Though I’m not sure where Sobek ranks, I don’t remember them being thrallable last time I fought them.

There must be sub-categories in those you listed or something. I dunno enough about races but for example, what about Stygians and Zingarans and so forth?

There are Stygians and Zingarans in Exiles, Black Hand, Relic Hunters, and Dogs of the Desert. There are Zingarans in Votaries of Skelos as well. In fact all the factions except for Forgotten Tribe, Heirs of the North, Darfari Maneaters, and Lemurian Remnants are multi-racial.

All speaking for Exiled Lands of course.

OK, that’s not at all confusing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so my T4 exile would get rekt by a T2 relic hunter for example? just feels like relic hunters are easy to get especially with a rhino compared to Votaries of Skelos.

I also heard the Darfari Cannible was really strong potentially reaching up to 20k hp?

That list order isn’t really accurate, but yes, an Exile absolutely would be squashed like a bug by a Relic Hunter.

I don’t know how much health the Cannibal Brute (I assume you meant) gets, but health isn’t the only thing that matters, and the Brute is very weak damage-wise.

So where do you initially get your thralls from? normally I prefer to get heirs of the north but guess I’m gonna head to relic hunters tbh the other day when I first tried to steal olena the oathbreaker I was like damn this girl is tough, now I know

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker archers are the best archers.
Cimmerian Berserkers are the best fighters.
Beastmaster Teimos is the best tank.

That’s hell of a ride to grab a berserker lol

If you just want to grab a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker fighter, they aren’t bad fighters.

Their initial stats are geared towards archery, but their hidden melee damage multiplier is fairly good and their vitality multiplier is pretty good too.

Correct, but there is a bit of nuance to that.

Again there is a bit of nuance here. I’ll see if I can make this a bit clear.

Thralls have hidden modifiers that are not displayed on their Stats page. These modifiers directly affect melee damage, ranged damage, damage bonus from strength/accuracy, health gained from vitality, and armor gained from agility. These modifiers are typically higher based on faction (the order I listed), and higher based on tier. In some cases tier is overridden by faction like in your question about a T2 Relic Hunter devastating a T4 Exile. But that doesn’t always happen, especially if the factions are close in strength (A T2 Black Hand for example will get wrecked by a Cannibal Brute).

First we’ll talk about the hidden damage multipliers. These are pretty much the most important ones. Dalansia Snowhunter, regarded as a very strong fighter (for a very good reason as you will see), has a 2.21 multiplier for melee. This means she will do 2.21x the damage of a weapon, then modified by strength. This is a significant amount of damage. By comparison, a T4 exile only has 1.3. This applies to ranged as well. To see this multiplier you need devkit access, wiki access (easiest), or admin access (using the getfollowerstat DamageModifierMelee command) while the follower you wish to see is following you.

Next is bonuses derived from strength and accuracy. Our player characters get 2% damage per point of Strength/Accuracy. Thralls do not. And the amount they gain differs from thrall to thrall. You can roughly see this on the stat page. You’ll have your bonus damage listed and you can simply divide the attribute into that number to get the ballpark figure.

The issue with this bonus is it doesn’t compare to the bonus gained from the previous hidden multiplier. For example, Freya the named T4 Archer from Heirs of the North would need 61 Accuracy to do at least 1 point of damage more than a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Archer with 0 Accuracy if they were using the exact same weapon. Being it would be extremely hard to get that much Accuracy on a thrall, and that effort could be used on the RHTS instead and boost them even higher, you can see how crazy good those modifiers are. And partially why the perks you get can sometimes be pointless (good or bad).

Thralls get different health from each point of vitality. I don’t quite remember the numbers off my head. But this can vary from faction to faction, tier to tier, and even individual to individual (speaking of named in the same faction). This explains why you can see a Cannibal Brute hitting 20k HP. You can see this value quite easily yourself. Just unequip the thrall, note its HP value, then put a piece of +1 Vitality armor on them and note the difference.

Finally agility granting armor. Like health above, this varies from faction to faction, between tiers, and individuals. I believe this is usually 4, 8, 12, or 16 armor per point of vitality. But I’ve not run tests on this for about a year now. But again you can see this yourself by adding a piece of armor like above. Just note to factor the armor granted by the piece you test with.

I haven’t spoken much about Survival. This adjusts how long debuffs like poison, bleed, cripple, and sunder will last on the thrall. I believe this is the same reduction per point across the board. But I’ve never been or tried to confirm this. Its always been an unimportant attribute for thralls for most. Though it can be useful against those few bosses that tend to wreck thralls through poisons, bleeds, or both. A high enough Survival can actually cause those stacks to fall off before the Boss can reapply them.

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thanks I think I understand, one last thing since locations work differently for thralls, would the same apply for thralls with a trade?


be warned…

Per Multi’s recap:

“A Thrall mentioned specifically is Beastmaster Tamos, and Dennis said that he had his tables adjusted to be correct as there was a bug in them that made his health pools so high. Dennis says that if the player is lucky, the most Beastmaster Tamos can achieve now is around 12,000 Health and says that is still an insane amount of health.”

Bear in mind, he says if you get lucky, aka 100% vit chance and all vit perks.