Thrall Unresponsive and Confused

Latest Test Revision
Single Player
No Mods

Thrall loses ability to fight. Will equip weapon, start to attack, get confused and immediately unequip it and stand there. They will repeat equipping and unequipping weapon.

Reboot fixes it. I can’t find anything else that fixes it.

This is happening fairly regularly, but I’m not sure what’s causing it. I have a thrall with a sword and I swap to truncheon a lot.

I’ve noticed this after fleeing a large battle where the thrall is told to move or return. I run away and he teleports to me eventually, and then appears bugged until a reboot.

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Several situations end up with the commands not working.

It seems to me that if something interrupts the follower’s execution of the order (for example teleportation), the command system loses some of the data but still tries to execute the broken order. But that’s just a guess.

Things are working really well now for me. I think the 5/1 revision fixed this issue. I tried going into a throng of enemies and then running away and my thrall teleported back but had no problems fighting afterwards. I’ve tried swapping weapons around back and forth, and it all seems to be working. Really fun.

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