Thrall wont teleport and dies by nothing

Game mode: [ Online Official ]
Type of issue: * Bug *
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ America ]
Hardware: [ PlayStation 5 ]

Bug Description:

My thrall would not teleport to me after travelling many miles, I go inside a dungeon to see if it would teleport to me, it didn’t. I look at my map and see my follower way out of bounds on map, enter and leave dungeon entrance many times, still out of map. I get notified my follower died and the loot was destroyed not decayed.

Expected Behavior:

I read that entering dungeons and leaving would force a bugged thrall to teleport back, it didnt.

Steps to Reproduce:

Run anywhere with a thrall, eventually he wont teleport to you, sometimes he might, others he wont.

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