Thralls Are Still WAY OP - Even For The Hardest Purges!

If it’s that what is important to you: You can transmog armors now. Now your playstyle gets buffed because you don’t have to put on actual light armor anymore. You put on transmogged heavy armor.

You can buff your thralls with elixier/food buffs. 30% bonus damage. Or 120 extra HP if you will…

You can even have 2 “smoking hot RHTS covering your back in sexy light gear” following you. 2x the ass to look at.

Like dude, this is THE patch for you.


thx wak for noticing that, i had the same thoughts. the test is not really that realistic.


for what i can see in the video, thats NOT a level 6 purge tele,

from the video the purge looks like a level 2 purge maybe a level 3 ,

purge level (lever) shows the purge as the max it could bring, but it can be from level 1 to level 6, if u set up level 5, it can go from level 1 to 5 (you will never get a level 6 purge if the lever is set as 5.

a level 6 norheimer purge will bring as many as 60 angry nordheimers on first wave , 75 on the second wave , and 75 on the third wave, i dont see that many attacking your place.

second you got coup de grace as a truncheon on all fighters, anything non t4 will get killed, in a normal world, people will use heavy weight truncheon, they will put the thralls to sleep , and eventually if not dealt with quickly those will wake up and sum to the current wave (could be at wave 3 ) sdo you can end up with 90 thralls attacking on wave 3.
coup de grace as a very small chance of dropping (it is dropped by the judge at the isle of siptah) having all guards with those truncheons (for me the best as it ko t4 and kill the rest) is also not real world scenario, those truncheons are hard to get, may i suggest to use the heavy weight truncheon ?

i will be more than happy to assist or help in this endeavor tele, so drop me a message over discord.

the video is fantastic tele dont get me wrong and thanks for the effort!, but it does not show a more “real world” scenario for purges, and again that one at level 6 is hard , berserkers purges comes with starmetal weapons, and the berserkers hit harder (higher multiplier than nords)

as far as your defence, that is 65 thralls for a base ? correct? , we used to be able to defend a base with 12 with legendary level 20 thralls, but ok, you went to defend it with a very large number of thralls, a single player can put down what? 55 thralls? and people usually have a single base an a few out posts, (usually 1 or 2 besides the base) so for a more common down to earth purge testing, you should lower the number of defenders to half. and have diffeent type of thralls, you went for the bests( RHTS for what i can see) people will have lians, janos, a few cannibal brutes , a few berserkers, a few teimos (real world, teimos will need to be relpaced quickly when 3.0 hits)
thanks for sharing.

edit i just saw @Wak4863 comments thanks for spotting it wak! , and i second every bit of what he said, i did not notice as i saw the number of thralls attacking, and stopped watching.

you cant @Wak4863, only regular RHTS,


That’s not bad news… and I’m glad you specified… It makes things clear. Soon I’ll upload a Nordheimer III powered one tho…


For people wondering exactly which thralls were involved in this conflict here’s a complete list:

15 of these were on the roof and uninvolved however - they’re innocent, don’t blame them!

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I’ve kinda sorta maybe quite possibly already done this with all my lady thralls…

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Without Authority:

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3.5 k hp, mmm, i know it’s without any authority, but yeah well…i guess it’s ok!

That will get melted in pvp. In my opinion thralls should level faster now with that In mind.

This is a dancer so she probably has some low base damage multiplier as well.

You can have your 5-6k HP fighter thralls, no problem. Boost that with authority if you need to rely on AI.

And don’t tell me you need that for base defense. Thralls, even the god tier ones pre 3.0, were easily nuked by gods.


Also, don’t like your thrall’s perks? Use this:


65 Thralls with great gear should be able to defend a base from a purge.

  • Getting 55 thralls is quite the effort.
  • Getting 65 isn’t even possible on official servers without a clan .
  • The boss NPCs cannot even be thralled.
  • Farming 65 Coup-de-Grace-Truncheons would require maybe 650 kills of a single boss with a long respawn timer.

If one puts that much effort into base defense, I think it’s not “op” if they manage to defend against a human purge.

Just as a side note:
As they’re all equipped with truncheons, purges with too many non-humans would still have wrecked them.



With 20 Authority:


Then the commanding presence perk might be for you. You heal your thralls by doing damage in battle.

And don’t forget, you can have 2 berserkers or whatever on follow as well!

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Still be melted but I’m fine with people not running around with thralls don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is they aren’t really viable when you take into account the time it takes to level them.
Obviously a god will kill thralls but defense is getting worse and worse. Hard to argue that

You can still rebuild spam foundations and build in raiders. :wink:

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You can also grab everything you own, pull bracelet and tp your body to you. Like I said defense is a thing of the past

Well, just to keep you all entertained before the real(istic) version tomorrow, here’s a naked purge. I changed to all Nordheimer III fighters with no archers other than myself. I leveled some of the Fighter III thralls so there are level 9, level 10, level 15, and level 20 thralls in the mix. I think it was heavier (more attackers than before) than last. Only 2 or 3 of the lower level thralls died but for all of them being butt-naked it’s still kinda proving my point: Thralls are OP.

Just for the record, I’m OK with them being OP - I don’t really care one way or other - but they are OP. It does take some of the challenge away but whatever… Anyway… one naked purge coming up:

Set it to 2X playback speed for a little more fun and less boredom.


I tried it naked with the original group too and they just totally snuffed all the attackers… No contest at all. Almost one-hit every guy!


The amount of healing you give to thralls from your attacks is pretty much unnoticeable. Or maybe it’s broken and I just can’t tell. All I know is that after I took that perk to try it I thought, 'I really should have just taken the other one."


I don’t understand this test… you have like 20 mix leveled thralls? Up against 20 npcs that have like 400 health. What am I missing? Are you saying a purge should kill all your thralls?