Thralls ( fighter / Archer ) doing suicide while they follow :/

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official | ]
Type of issue: *[ Select one: | Bug |
Server type: *[ Select one: PvP |
Region: *EU
Hardware: *PS5

Bug Description:

Thralls are dieng while they follow you .
I’ve lost now 2 thralls while I was riding my horse ?
Eventlog Tell me they just die - no reason why .

Expected Behavior:

guve thralls some happy pills , so they’re not suicide while they’re following you ?

Steps to Reproduce:

*take a thrall ( fighter ) make him follow you … sit on your horse or climb … wait a minute while you move … get the message they have been killed while they follow …
Solution ? Don’t use thralls :see_no_evil:

Possible they fell through the map and were ganked by the anti undermesh defence. Try taking a disposable thrall for a stroll without bringing your horse or chubby unicorn.

10 minutes ago my thrall jumped also under the map and died :joy:
Without any horse :joy::joy::joy:
Also : my clan mates got the same problem
So dear funcom , a Little Patch with positiv vibes for the thralls would be great then :heart:

Update 2.5 (currently on testlive) should hopefully fix the issue once it’s released

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