Thralls reverted to naked status, low HP, no gear issue - Information thread

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Region: EU

Confirmed - same issue happening with my Relic Hunters. All its now Performers and armors and weapons missing on they inventory.
I had 2 equipped with Chrom’s sword and now they are gone. I lost tens of hours to farm the 2 swords. I think I won’t play this game anymore, you lose tens and hundreds of hours doing something and then at the first update you lose everything. I liked this game enormously, I have been playing it since I was in the experimental phase, but now I really got tired, so many hours wasted …

Also for me ! I’m on 1009 EU Official Server

Yeah, so they should have shut down the purges immediately.

Yeah… Disabling purges and raid times on official would have been the best thing they could do…

Consoles will get the patch next week!! This is just ridiculous…

There are things that go beyond the limits of human understanding or simple common sense, I am 47 years old; I am a computer technician … I play Conan Exiles and I have all the expansions, however I´m amazed at the lack of professionalism of a company that provides the worst entertainment service … I like the dynamics of the game! Good concept! Innovative and competitive… However everything that has to do with bug fixes support is extremely poor sloppy and without any professional ethics. Correction of bugs that create more bugs give more importance to expansions, seeing only profits even if it sacrifices an entire game… They released a patch and bug fixes to which players’ discontent is clearly visible hours and hours equipping thralls to protect a base. and everything is ruined when everything we have comes to nothing…. They say that internally solved the problem of thralls having 100 health and the armor not being visible, solve externally it was much better… they say that nothing is lost because it is in the game DB (Database), however if the thralls are attacked in a raid that happens? Goodbye DB… every passing day if this correction should be given priority due to the consequences it can bring to all players who have spent hours equipping and protecting their base…
As for professionalism, it is preferable to take more time to release news and to test for bug fixes and to test if it really will not create other worse bugs… as the answers of the staff are hilarious for someone my age and profession and I don’t think so Younger players believe or respect a coaching staff or even forum supporters with the answers given… Have you resolved internally but not yet released the hilarious fix the answer to when you move from internally to real?

I´m gona stop playng the game until this is fixed becose its a lost of time becose this bug …
lol my armor its for hot temperatures and now it change to cold …
its sad to see a company killing a good game …

PS: Exist a thing called rollback until the problema was solved …

Best regards!

Pedro Barreiro.

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Hey there,

We just released a hotfix addressing this issue:

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What happened to the already killed one? Why is it so hard to get an answer?

And can you disable raid-hours and purges for consoles? Or do you seriously expect, that some people in Pvp will still have relic treasure hunters LEFT, when the patch comes? :smiley: :smiley:

Please keep feedback for console version of the game in their respective sections.

And what about all the relic hunters lost during battle because of this bug

All thralls dead won’t unfortunately be restored as Conan Exiles doesn’t offer MMO-like support.

Thats exactly what i didnt want to hear. Yesterday we lost nearly hundread and we risked our base being raided. We manage to hold just in time. But thanks yo this probably today we will be raided

Is truly sad that your paying customer should have to pay for your mistakes

Yep exactly. Ll probably loosing everything and you have to start from scratch again because of this. A whole year of work worth

But you can prevent killing thralls by changing server option

On official you cannot i guess

They can flip switches on official servers, it’s how they disabled the avatar functions. Simplest way would’ve been to turn off building destruction/switching off Raid Hours.

My Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are all back to normal, with all possessions. Any that I killed for science are still dead, with no retrieval of gear possible.

Tanks for the hotfix … Lets see if is a good hotfix.

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Why were purges / PvP hours not immediately shut down then?

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This is what should have happened and should always happen for game breaking bugs.

The hotfix seemed to restore the equipment, hitpoints and the description of the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers. But infight they do way less damage than they used to do. Is it possible that some internal class/races bonuses aren’t restored correctly, yet?

I would argue they still count as performers for combat purposes.