Thralls standing knee deep in terrain (Siptah)

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Region: [USA]

[I’ve 30+ thralls all knee-deep in the terrain.]

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  1. Go look at your thralls.
    2.Think to yourself, “Self, that look pretty strange.”

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A lot of people reported snowing on Siptah recently, probably it started melting, leaving a watery-muddy swamp there!

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Hello @Skalla-Hrafn, could you please provide the exact location for the area where this is happening?

You may either provide a screenshot of the in-game map pointing at the location or use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L to get the world coordinates while standing on it.

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The following is one of many places I was experiencing this: I am not currently experiencing this, so I dunno what to say.

TeleportPlayer -167765.140625 52259.84375 -18211.066406

not only in siptah, in exiles too, and inall map

I put an ostrich down last night that sunk to his head as well, had to pick him up and place him again

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