Thralls standing still as soon as combat begins bug

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Since coming back to the game for 3.0 I have had a bug that makes thralls stop working. They just stand still as soon as combat begins with their weapons drawn or they just stand there in the case of animals. They also don’t put away their weapons after combat so i think it might be related? (perhaps they get stuck on the “pull out weapons” step of combat?). I have tried relogging, teleporting, walking away far enough to reload the thrall. The only “solution” I have found is to reload the thrall, remove its weapon, and give it back. This has limited success because the bug will happen again within 2-3 fights.

Bug Reproduction:



I got the same problem… They stand around and not following me properly in the Isle of Siptah map… Won’t listen to attack commands, and more…

Had a hyena follower doing that the other day. Started combat and he just stood there and looked menacing, but didn’t attack anything.

Haven’t noticed it with the other followers I’ve taken out with me though.

Same problem here. They won’t attack when commanded, and then 50% only get involved in combat later on in the fight or if the mob happens to come closer to them. Total mess right now.

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My hyena broke exactly in this way, too. Some human thralls have shown similarly anomalous behavior, but they tend to wake up at some point (usually when I’m getting beaten up) and find the will to fight.

So far, this behavior has only been present on followers set to Guard Me, but I haven’t experimented on other settings very thoroughly. The “Attack Everything” behavior seems to work fine, or at least I haven’t detected any anomalies yet.

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Yes, the AI is broken af. It’s like they are calculating their path. Path of the thralls is also not working correctly.

  • Accursed Citadel. Due to so many stairs missing…my thralls prefer to go ALL the way around through the main entrance instead of hitting a target that is 2 meters in front of him. Something like reducing the range on their “agro” might not be a bad ideea.

All thralls/pets will engage their targets once “stuck/blocked”…only if u engage in combat before them.

It is always like this while thrall is on “Do not attack anything”. Rather less while thrall is let loose (attack everything setting).

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I am having a similar issue, my thralls can become unresponsive after a fight. They stay weapons drawn, but are no longer interactable or responsive. They DO usually still follow.
As I had the War Party perk, (two thralls active), I noted one occasion where just one of the two active thralls was affected. Other times it is both. I first started noticing this shortly after getting a horse to ride around.

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