Thralls that actually matter

When the game started the thing we were told was that certain thralls would be required to make certain amor. What blacksmith can craft something different than the others? What cook has an actually special recipe? Bring in certain thralls for certain recipes

legendary weapon repair kits.

Bad example, but excellent one with cooks. I mean what cook doesn’t know a special recipe?!?

But all purge blacksmiths can craft the legendary kits correct? But all the named blacksmiths craft the exact same minus the legendary kits

courtesy of our wonderful friend @TheLOLxd2 and company.

different special recipes

But tbh, the different specialties are for the most part mid tiered items, long forgotten once you hit legendary/dragon bone/star metal. they seem cool, until you realize you passed right on by the hardened steel and ancient weapons in less than 5 minutes during your power level lol.


can’t argue that

Too true, unfortunately. A common problem in all games with a leveling system - you often end up with a midgame that is either lacklustre and bland, or (as in CE) full of items that are cool, but functionally irrelevant by the time people are strong enough to care. One generally doesn’t stay at mid-level long enough to get a legendary crafter and make use of their special craft.

Stuff like this would shine if we had a cosmetic items system.


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