Thralls walking through walls and doors and being killed

Yes we had the same, Thralls going through walls when an npc agros to them on the other side, and archers dropping off walls to engage in melee even while commanded to use ranged weapons only and stand guard, very messed up patch did a bit on test server but worked well there for basic commands like this.

1 week with double or more XP would be great, after this thrall killing patch :smiley:

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I have the same prob, my thralls running thrue walls and fences. They should really fix that fast.
Im lucky i have my own server so if a thrall dies because of these bugs after the patch, i can just give my self that thrall back.

Three thrall died from teleport high places.

I was not able to get my melee thralls to walk through walls and doors this morning in single player so I am wondering if Funcom snuck a quick fix in?

@Community Was there any quick patch on the thrall issue of walking through doors/walls that we have not been notified on? Would sure be nice to know if this has been handled so we can stop guessing on fixes…

Since it was weekend I highly doubt that there was anything like a “hidden hotfix”.

And there is no point in funcom “hiding” any work that they do:
Only the one who works can make any mistakes.
Reacting to any mistakes is nothing but a mature strategy to improve the product.

Since no reply from Funcom, I guess its not seen as bug, when guarding thralls are porting themself around the map and killing themself, because for whatever reaons, they cannot port back to their original position.

What is the problem in question? The OP originally referred to the problem of “thralls walking through walls”. He stated himself, as well as @Barnes, that they couldn´t easily reproduce this phenomenon later on:

Indeed, I had the problem even before the patch, that at my base at the scorpion boss next to the Unnamed City, fighters and archers tended to change their assigned positions and appeared in front of my gates to fight the boss. So with the patch now things got better regarding this issue?

Different issues like thralls dying from fall damage or archers not staying on their platforms should be adressed in a separate post since they were not in the focus here.

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve notified our team about this issue.


I can reproduce this behavior ALL THE TIME.
Just put archers on 2-3 foundation high pillar. Then get some creatures to attack you and run to the pillar.

Suddenly the archer is on the ground?!?!

I have dancers INSIDE my outposts. Everytime I come to such an outpost, the dancer is ON TOP of maproom, which is on top of the outpost.

Dancers are set to “NOT ATTACK”.

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As is visible in my videos upthread, I was able to reproduce this undesirable behavior 100% of the time in the same sort of setup you described.

Mind you, I’m less worried about kill pits (which are merely a luxury anyway), but the panic about base defenders who are supposed to protect against purges is very much a top concern for myself and my players.

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Yeah… You made 2 videos. Even with “stand and defend” and yet people: No, thats no error. You have to set it to “stand and defend”!!!


I wet through all the posts after @Larathiel ´s one and i didn´t find anybody saying this. So I can´t see how a false statement like this is helping in the discussion where there is already enough confusion anyway.

It happens in PvE servers too. I have a dancer inside a small building near an obelisk only to remove corruption. It’s a 4x3 closed building. When I arrived there yesterday, the dancer was performing outside the building, probably other player killed the mob that attracted her, otherwise she would be dead.

I think you are talking about archers teleporting?!? As I sayd before:

I think we need to be more precise here to help finding either:

  • a workaround for the existing game status or
  • a clear definition of the desired change to thrall behaviour and / or available stances

As you proved in your video examples the “stand and defend” stance does not keep archers on pillars or foundation towers. They teleport down to the ground (wich i can confirm). So it is in a way useless for archer defenders, but at least with this stance they do not “move through walls” in my testing (wich is a horizontally, not a vertical movement as far as I can see).
Melee fighters anyway as well as archers on the ground do not profit of course from the stance “stand and defend”. They need either “prioritize melee” or “prioritize ranged” to be able to defend or attack correctly. It is with these stances I suppose that thralls moved vertically through walls and doors: It is THIS what was the OP´s issue in first place, but:

So for me, there is a lot of confusion (unfortunally I cannot test a lot atm myself). There is one interesting post about archer behaviour in this topic for anyone interested:

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I have several dancers at my obelisk setups (in a 1x1 small tower) in our PVP server. All of them are at “stand and defend” and “do not attack” and they stay where they are supposed to be. As dancers do not need to attack to do their job, this is sufficient for dancers (for me at least). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a nice work around, but it’s still a bug. I didn’t care so much because it’s a level 0 T1 dancer, she is there just to remove corruption of players that used the obelisk and she can easily be replaced. But it could have been a good thrall, that’s why I’m reporting this, to let players know that their thralls may be at risky, even in a PvE server.


What is the problem? What’s the desired change? I recorded and uploaded four videos demonstrating the problem of archers teleporting off where they are placed. I even retested using several different combinations of building styles and AI settings. I’m really not sure how anyone could be confused on my point here.

Archers set to Stand and Defend should stay where we put them and not move to the ground, teleport inside, or go on walk-about.


I found that when you set chase distance shorter than attack distance, AI starts behave oddly. All my archers have chase distance 50 and they never teleported. Though I haven’t tested them specifically. But since the update, all archer thralls are standing at the same spot as they were.

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You posted that in another thread…

But come on, do you seriously NOT see what the problem is?