Ticket support waiting

Hi guys,

I was wondering for those who have experienced tickets if it was more profitable for me to wait for them to respond to my ticket hoping to get my character back to play this weekend or rather recreate one and spend my weekend getting everything back.

Thanks for your answers in advance :wink:

Did you have any hard to get or rare recipes? If not, I would just recreate and go. Getting 60 would take one or two sittings at 2x. Less if you focus on it.

Yeah, no 1st hand experience, but from reading here It seems like it’s fairly common for the process to take weeks. So, prolly just recreate and go like @Taemien was suggesting. You can do both I guess too though. Recreate on a different than intended server and then wait for the ticket to come through as well.

Weeks? Damn…

Actually, i have most of the recipes from siptah & exiles but i guess if it take weeks to have an answer from staff i’m gonna restart one :confused: Thanks for answering

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My tickets get closed when i ask for clarification lol

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