Tier Zero Bandages! to help with early-game healing

Currently players can’t make bandages until they build a tannery, which can actually be quite a few hours into the game. Until then, their only chances for healing are to frequently chow down on food. But eating food is much too much of a passive way to heal. The other option is to make aloe potions, but those potions require a cauldron, which most players won’t build until they’re about to go to Tier 2.

A Tier 0 bandage would be helpful for players to heal themselves at the early game. It might be crafted directly from the inventory.


  • Plant Fibre
  • Aloe

Or do what ffxi did and allow players to enter an emote that slowly regenerates health. Let kneeling and laying down to very slowly regain health.

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You’re kidding, right? You have the ability make a cauldron within the first what? 30-45 minutes of gameplay? Longer if you decide to start in the North, of course. Still, up until then, steaks do a pretty good job of healing since at that point you’re barely taking damage. Usually you’re back at full by the time you go into the next encounter.

I’d say healing is in a decent position where it is. Food heals incredibly quickly, and with 40 and 50 Vit becomes godmode. This is meant to be a survival game. The less magical or quick healing, the better.

No jest. If you play on 1x XP and 1x Harvest Official servers, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a cauldron running with aloe potions before two hours, unless you’re already a veteran who knows the game inside and out.

And that’s only if you identify the “aloe potion” as something that will heal health. A player might think that the only way to reliably heal is with the bandages proper, which only come in around level 20. Perhaps 4 hours.

The suggestion here is for something like a “poultice”, an out-of-combat slow heal to prevent players from just spamming meat or bugs to heal. Just another way of accomplishing the same goal, but through more of an active and direct method.