Time to whip in to action!

Hello Everyone,

I know this has been suggested before but it is always in grained in some torture dungeon RP thing :stuck_out_tongue: It is time to give it a post of it’s own. Because, sometimes it’s the simple things that matter!

I would like to suggest a whip for moving misbehaving thralls out of the way. It is annoying when they stop in front of stuff and you can not get past them! don’t even get me start on when this happens with the damn elephant o.0

When you hit them with the whip, they can ether move back a few steps or you can make it so they get moved back to where they where placed. They should also be whining while this is done :rofl::joy:

What do you guys think about this simple idea? and why is it not all ready in! :thinking:



Whip, kick or honeyed words, no matter the technique used, pushing your own thralls out of the way is a feature that needs to happen. Wandering the tightest corners of the Wine Cellar dungeon last night I was happy to have double-jump from Agility 50 or I would’ve been stuck in a corner forever because my companion decided to get a bit too pushy.

Because the problem is serious only in places where you can’t manually place thralls, such as NPC camps (New Asagarth huts come into mind) and dungeons, sending the thrall back to its previous guard spot doesn’t feel useful. A push to shove them to steps backwards should be sufficient to untrap ourselves.

I like this idea, using a item or kicking them to make them move away from you and then after a period of time, they can go back into their original guard positon

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