To the conan team!

1600 hours of play, almost all on # 1017, and for several months it has become very difficult to access. Either the server ejects the players, or it is impossible to connect to it. Often the whole list of official servers is displayed, EXCEPT # 1017!
I request the transfer of ALL my assets from 1017 to another PvE server that is working properly, or the refund of my purchase because you do not provide the correct service.

We unfortunately don’t offer transfers between servers, but I’d like to ask if this is still occurring after today’s hotfix for you. It addressed some issues with server stability. Regardless, I’ll send this to a dev.


Hey there,

You agree EULA to not get any refunds.

For EULA, refunds and how to report issues:


Game mode: Online, Official PvE 1017
Region: EU
Platform: PC


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My server regularly disappears from the list for days, and the uptime has pretty wild swings. Go to Battlemetrics and look up your server, find the direct connect info then use the Direct Connect option on the server list. That works for me, even if occasionally I have to keep telling it to retry the connection.

I’ve been on this server since March 2019, and haven’t had a month without some lengthy period of server instability. Not sure why, but only had one occasion (a 5-week downtime) where the Direct Connect option didn’t allow me to connect eventually.


On official PvE server 1017 disconnects have become worse during the last few days.

  • Disconnects have been occurring during peak / purge window and players cannot reconnect.
  • The server still appears on the server list but cannot be connected to.
  • It takes approximately 2 hours before the server can be connected to again.
  • During the approximately first 100 minutes the server cannot be connected to, Battlemetrics for the server still shows the server responding and all the disconnected players as active on the server. For the approximately last 20 minutes Battlemetrics shows, players disconnected, then server not responding, then server responding. After which the server can usually be reconnected to.

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