Too many healing changes, Game is more than PVP

Armor changes and interface updates for Crafting are great updates.

Loss of Soothing Healing acceptable

Loss of Entertainer Regeneration. ah, fine, I guess.

Sated healing when food is at 92%, sure.

Animations for healing items, which can be interrupted, sure, more action packed.

All Food Healing removed?. not so sure about that, even aloe soup?

So many changes in the healing really seems to remove some of the enjoyment

Please consider allowing Entertainers or Soothing healing inside structures?
Or some of the Food Healing to be reconsidered.

I bought all of the DLC, and IoS, because the game has been enjoyable up to now. but when I start spending more than half the time playing at half health, inside my own building, that is too much of a time sink.

I hope some of these changes are rethought, so that those of us who like the adventure of the game are allowed to continue to play.

I’m sure this will gather some flames, but I have seriously enjoyed this game up to this release. I was even considering running a server for friends to play on. but now I am considering requesting a refund.


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