Too much grind, too many barriers if solo

So, with tier one crafters the grind is too much. The game inherits the rules of Exiled Lands, but in Exiled Lands the tier 3 and 4 crafters are available to any player at any level. No need to get 1000 elderium and no need to use a shrine to make them spawn. Plus the shrines are only for clans/guilds. Activate one solo and you get no thralls and lose all your stuff. You start the game solo so it is implied the game will be accessible solo. Siptah is not.

All my tier 3 fighter thralls die before reaching level 20, we are at 7 and counting. Not enough hitpoints to survive. Kind of stupid, just stand there. They all have food and good armor when they died. Some were killed by other players after they back-stabbed me from behind. My horses too, all dead before level 15.

I see lots of players come and go. They build some giant structure from the Flotsam set and then in a week it’s gone along with them. This is most players. I assume the grind was too much for too little.

Then I look at the locations for bases and they are pretty useless for the most part. Most players build a treehouse, which experience tells me are food for any trebuchet. Maybe 5 minutes to bring any of them down. The treetop environment is cool though.

So a lot of players won’t put up with it in my view. I have really curtailed my time in Siptah and Exiles. Futility, ennui.


This is exactly the sort of thing that the current testlive patch hopes to address.


This is not solo game any more.

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Yeah, siptah is def no a solo player game… Duo’s struggle to get off their feet…

I have a clan of 10 with maybe 4-5 in waiting… and we snowball so easy in Siptah its crazy how quick we can get setup now. (On our 3rd server) … These changes may slow our focus down for a few weeks but once we snowball after a few raids its back to normal i think.

Solo player vs 10+ … its just not even a fair fight. Let alone if the poor sod spent the last 2-3 weeks grinding to get the status needed for these only to have it all snapped up in under 15mins to an hour or so raiding.

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Maybe the map is n’t solo, but it also is n’t duo…

Lots of online players already have their friends playing and you won’t fit in (or you end up as a clans gatherer), so you probably ending up soloing or duoing anyway.

When the wild surges drop at least tier 2 (25%) more frequently and tier 3 (10%) rarely and tier 4 (2.5%) very very rarely (NO PURGE THRALLS) it makes the map at least somewhat playable for solo’s and duo’s.

It is such a simple solution to make it playable for more players, there’re no downsides.
*This wil also be more respectable to how things are on the Exiled Lands.

*At the moment its feels like a step down to play on the Isle compared to EL, less biomes, low thrall droprate, no real darkness during nights, less land.


I play solo and not pvp (hate pvp and from what i have seen would certainly hate conan toxic pvp) but agree that the desire to play burns out for a solo player, seen several decayed t3 bases, I do think the economey update will be a huge help though.


I play solo on pve. I basically farm stuff and buy stuff from clans. Works but it’s not much fun. Hopefully the next patch addresses this. I wouldn’t dare doing a surge solo, not even with an epic geared lvl 20 thrall.

potrzebujemy wiecej materiału do farmienia

This sounds like exactly the right amount of grind and challenge for me personally but I play on consoles and won’t even get a chance to try it before this get nerfed to the ground.

And still far to big risks to join a clan whit people you dont know.

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It’s really not. And I played Everquest. This is overkill. Grind for the sake of grind, they need to drop the requirement for chaos maelstrom by 3/4 and increase Eldarium yield. They’ve essentially sucked all of the fun out of the game. And it shows, my server went from 30+ at peak hours to like 6 within a month.

Who said anything about easy mode? I said the amount of time wasting components have been unnecessarily increased.

I’m sorry, I expect to have fun when playing a GAME.


Correct but it’s a survival game which always means you die and lose both progress and time as with most games like this one so yes you should have fun but on the other hand it needs to be difficult for most anyway other wise people who want large achievements don’t go far in game before they quit

There just needs to be a balance which takes time and it’s in early too so got to wait

It doesn’t ‘need’ to be difficult, its just ‘needs’ options, so people who want to die and lose everything can do so and those who want to enjoy their game can do so :slight_smile:

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Sure, but the game is currently set in a way where you never make progress. I play PvE-C co I’ve lost most of personal gear multiple times, not an issue. There is essentially no available thralls and it’s a problem for anyone not in a 5+ person clan that they’re currently banning people for utilizing the only reasonable way to progress, it’s ridiculous. Funcom messed you locking thralls behind this arbitrary surge wall. It’s that simple.

FWIW, the patch on Testlive includes T2 and T3 crafters in wild surges, as well as moving a number of the advantages offered by higher-tier crafters from the thrall to advanced, specialized benches. So it looks like Funcom agrees the status quo isn’t acceptable and is moving towards a more solo-friendly setup.

Again it’s early access and there is lots more to come but to many complains instead of seeing where this goes as always feedback with good viewing will be better always and I will wait till earl access leaves before I make judgement

I play PVE-C solo and sometimes in groups with server friends. But, always solo in the Maelstrom. It’s doable but probs not on a PVP server. At least on our server we can do the mega surges off pvp time.

This map is TERRIBLE for solo players, but I wouldn’t say its because of the grind. Conan practically has no grind compared to other similar games. I think my biggest complaint of the map is no good base locations for solo players or even smaller/less-active clans. Yes, there’s a bunch of tiny caves in the map, but those are not good spots. They are all on youtube since the first week and are easy to raid cause they are short caves. The map lacks actually hidden spots that you will seldom find on youtube-- Exiles map has countless spots like this. If you can’t find a pristine base location as a solo player, you won’t have a good time in games like this. And yeah, trees are garbage base spots. Its a pvp map with pve base locations…

I most often play solo and do perfectly fine on Exiles map, but since the big patch where horses came out (plus other combat changes) the game is becoming less and less friendly to solo players which I think is a huge mistake.

Also, they are changing the economy of crafting in the game, so only having t1 thralls on siptah won’t be that much of a burden anymore.

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