Too much Shadebloom

It used to be that Shadebloom was a really rare resource. It only dropped from one dungeon in the Exiled Lands (other than an occasional one-skull), and could be found on Siptah only in Flotsam and the one-skulls. With Chapter 3 of the Age of War, however, it seems like everyone drops it. For example, nearly every Black Corsair that I’ve killed drops at least one and sometimes several.

I like the loot changes overall, but I think that Shadebloom drops should be somewhat reduced. Maybe make getting several a guaranteed drop from one skulls.

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I agree.

Me too, I agree.

Whilst I initially enjoyed the loot changes, I soon felt that overall we’re getting too much stuff. It’s too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to furnishings.

Personally, I feel it’s practically completely removed the ‘oh great!’ feeling you use to get when finding a great item, because these previously relatively hard-to-obtain great items are now dropping with such regularity as to desensitize us.


Now I don’t even want to loot corpses and chests.

I finally had time to test the changes out, and one thing that made me upset was this.
I ran a testrun around the new raidable castle, did not even jump inside of the outer walls, and I got hundreds of shadeblooms, and tons of hardened steel weapons. And I did not experience the instant enemy respawn, only at the main gate, one fighter spawned in every ~30 seconds.
As @Reverielle also said, this change made harder to obtain stuff loose their oomph when found one. Now they are just (after killing 5 enemy) ‘great… another of this… I already have a dozen of that’.

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While it is too much compared to what it was before, I don’t think the function of shadebloom warrants the original rarity.

If they reduce the spawn rate, they need to increase its function to say 30%extra vs it’s 5 or so. Pets aren’t all that as is and the rarity we got it in the past didn’t make sense.


Something they did for chapter 3 messed up how the game calculates “Rare” drops. It’s not just shadebloom. It’s anything that is “rare”, including modded items.

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Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely agree.
But i think FC has much more important things to do in january. :sweat_smile:

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Tbh I don’t think it should be rare and it never was rare on siptah. You got hundreds of it just from 1 jebbel sahg surge on siptah BEFORE the loot revamp.

I don’t think it should be rare. But it’s odd to find it everywhere now. I would think that something that can only be harvested in the dream world would be a little less common. But yeah, it’s not a huge thing, just an odd thing.

EVERYTHING is being dropped too much. The core gameplay has been completely destroyed with the overflow of every resource, materials and gear. There’s just no sense in it anymore when you don’t have to play to achieve things, you get everything instantly and in large amounts.


Even scythe of thag is dropping more frequently.

Another element that has changed are worker thralls and priests. You can’t benefit from triggering the old purge in certain factions anymore, no worker thralls in new purge system and are at the behest of farming the world for them.

Weirdest situation was clanmate looking for a bladesmith and instead getting 3 shieldwright’s in a span of 45 minutes where armorers don’t usually even spawn. Cool cool cool cool.

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