TOT Custom Ban Feedback

I have been playing since EA on both PC and Xbox.

I have purchased all DLCs on both PC and Xbox.

I have purchased all BattlePass and Bazaar items under both my main PC account and one of my family share accounts.

I rent 4 G-Portal servers all running different Conan maps.

All of that ends now.

I will not spend one more cent on anything for Conan Exiles.

I saw a post say that we do not have the need or right to know why TOT Custom was banned.

Fine. We also do not need to spend any more money on a company that removed a very popular mod.

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I am sure Funcom is crying right now. Thank you for your brave message.

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The creator of the mod was told exactly why it was banned by Funcom and chose not to share the details. At some point you’re going to have to ask yourself why that is.


i have played 7000 hours, have all DLCs, run 9 gportal servers and never used TOT mods. Take my money FC and Thank you for your service.

And oh yeah, two thumbs up and not going.


Thank you selfish rp community for showing your interrests. Close the door behind you please. See ya…

Now I admit, I don’t know much about Conan Exiles mods…

But do you really need it to be on the Steam Workshop for it to work? I only ask because I’ve installed mods for other games, that were not on the Steam Workshop.

The only thing keeping me in this game is the mods. Without them, I would have stopped playing after six months, but with them I have been playing for more than three years.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire modding community.
In principle, the more mods, the better.
I haven’t used ToT mods, but I sympathize with those who lost them.


I don’t use mods, but I believe that when a mod is on the Steam Workshop, it’s automatically installed from a secure source. This makes installation easier and, most importantly, free from viruses or other malicious code. When you download a mod from an unknown source, it could contain scripts or other elements that can seriously harm your game, or even your PC. Many ill-intentioned individuals take advantage of these situations to harm or exploit people.

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Strictly no you don’t, but if FC takes your mod down and you put it up somewhere else, you can expect them to turn off your access to the devkit and then you can’t make any mods (at that point you’d be hacking to mod the game and well, you see where it goes…)

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Oooh… my comment was flagged. Big Whoop.

Correct and the next step would be the receipt of a cease and desist letter threatening legal action which if ignored could cost the mod creator everything.

Funcom, please reconsider your actions and reinstate Tot!Custom on the Steam Workshop.
Thank you.

For more details about the great impact of Tot!Custom on your game, and especially your players’ experience thereof, read my post here: Tot! Transparency (please keep the community up to date) - #103 by SilverJustice

Why was it taken down? I thought this was unknown and if it was due to ethical (using coding from paid content) or social reasons (racist or other behaviors) then FC was justified in removing it, right?

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