Tot! Transparency (please keep the community up to date)

Dear Funcom,

please be transparent on the issues surrounding the Tot!Custom, at least as much as possible.

I can understand that there might be good reasons why some things regarding this episode are not being shared publicly, as I understand that in the past there has been other interactions with modders that did not need to come public.

However, with complete silence you are only making the community hate you even more than usual.
Why not at least say something extremely vague, such as that “the issue is being still discussed”?
Maybe something optimistic, such as “we think the issue might be resolved in the matter of days”, or even negative: there are currently still tens if not hundreds of players that have problems to connect to their favorite servers, because of problems with Tot!Custom not being on Steam.

Having a reasonable estimate of the time necessary to solve the issue, and regular updates (even of just “we keep working on it”) would be extremely helpful for the community to not feel just some vague frustration and anger… which is also all directed on you.




There are multiple threads on this subject already. I’d suggest using the search function instead of creating yet another thread on it.

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Yes, for sure the lack of transparency is really grating.


i suggest you ask this question of the mod author.
he is the only one who can answer this question.
funcom was never going to comment on this, it’s just not how it works. they will never say anything about this.

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@Ixchel is asking Funcom to violate the mod author’s wish and go around him to tell the community why his mod is banned rather than waiting for the mod author to explain the reason at their own time, place, and leisure.

So… why are you asking FC to do that? Why do you not respect the mod author’s privacy in the matter?


They are being as transparent as possible. At this point in the discussions between Funcom and the mod author, that just means that they cannot disclose any information.

Funcom isn’t just some random dude from the neighborhood. They are an internationally operating company that is bound by many laws and regulations that limit how much they can publicly discuss matters that affect the company, or private individuals associated with the company.

Yes, even something as vague as “things are still being discussed” may be verboten.


Honestly, the silence about it is causing people to leave the game with each passing day.


4 tot threads in 4 days… Just raid this forum like you always do calling everyone names.

Honestly, the silence about it is causing people to leave the game with each passing day.

Good, I advise going to the gym instead. It’s a good opportunity to enter the path of self improvement.

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Read my post, I am not asking to give details about the matter. But even just vague and generic updates to the community.
A simple “we are working on solving the issue” would be nice, but the mod author reports 5 days of silence, and what we see from our side are also 5 days of silence (hopefully not soon to be 6).
And some fictional law tells them that they can’t even say that, they could even just say “by law we can’t even tell you if we are working on the issue or not” :laughing: It would still be better than silence, it only feels like Funcom ignoring the community. And the community is not even just angry trolls, a vast majority is just silently looking, complaining in private and similar…many still unable to log in since a week now

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funcom doesnt need to work to resolve the issue.
they told the mod author why the mod was removed. it is now on the mod author to work to resolve the issue.
tot already said he’s working on it. if he chooses not to say anything else, then you have to take it up with him.
you are never ever going to hear anything from funcom about this issue. never. they are not going to make a statement about the mod. they were never going to do so. it’s not how it works. people can demand and rage forever, it is just the way these thing happen.
people are asking for things that aren’t realistic. it’s not realistic to demand that funcom violate privacy of their conversation with tot. it’s not realistic to demand that the mod be “re-instated.” if tot fixes whatever issue caused funcom to remove it, or is able to show that what funcom thinks happened didn’t actually happen, then it will come back up. that’s it. that’s all you have to look forward to. if you want news, ask tot. that’s the only place where you are going to hear anything about this, and that’s the only party involved that is going to be able to provide a solution.

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I don’t mind them keeping the community in the dark, that is not abnormal. Especially if it is a sensitive issue.
But they absolutely should be communicating with the mod author, which they aren’t doing. You know, since Funcom claims to care about the modding community.

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Mod author was already contacted apparently. So Funcom doesn’t need to do a bloody thing. I get it, you Tot! users enjoyed the mod, but constantly flooding the forums with new threads in a futile attempt to get Funcom to acknowledge it, is simply the wrong way to go about it. Use the search function to locate the main existing thread and add to it. If it’s temporarily locked, wait until it’s reopened. Creating 44+ threads on it just annoys other forum users that either don’t use the mod or have zero interest in it

Are you always this much of a troll? You’ve been coming in with the same drivel in every thread when we’re just expressing our frustrations to the company that caused them.


is it possible that your frustrations were not caused by the company? is it possible that your frustrations were caused by a mod author who may have done something wrong?
i am not saying that this is what happened. i am just asking if you think that it is possible that a mod author might have done something wrong and that funcom was obligated to remove the mod? is it possible?
or is the only possibility that the company is evil and removed the mod without cause just to inconvenience you?


The problem with these kids is that they don’t care, they just enter tantrum mode and demand their toy back.

Boohoo we are going to stop playing Conan and then you will see Funcom!
Stops playing - nothing happens… They act like Funcom is getting 1 penny for every second they spend in game :joy:
Let’s ignore TOS, it’s me who is paying after all… spoiled kid mentality.

Let’s not go too far, someone known for being in conflict with other modders for obvious reasons couldn’t have done anything wrong, could he?

you dont do any good by fanning though flames though dude.
be kind, let others be unkind. i understand that you can’t reason with unreasonable people, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.

I think Funcom is trying to save functionality of the mod. If the mod overrides some specific features, then best not to install it. Because they probably are working on it, or that is the gist I got, working or not.

I try to at least get the gist of it. Funcom doesn’t want mod authors to override specific features. And, they aren’t telling us which ones, of course.

thats not what it is
there are several mods that override specific features that they have never had an issue with.
we don’t know what it is, but im 99% sure its not that.

These are trolls. We need to ignore them.

There is no harm us discussing this subject here, especially as you say, since the mod author has heard nothing in six days.

As time goes on this becomes less about one mod and more about how funcom intends to handle disputes over mods and how it intends to support or not support mods on this game.

I would like to know what their strategy is although it does not appear they wish to tell us on these forums.


Fun fact: tot in german means dead.

Sorry couldn´t help myself. :joy: