ToT Custom, please reinstate

I want to say up front that I am in no way affiliated with this mod or the modder and I have not told them I intend to make this post. I am merely an enthusiastic fan of their mods. It appears that you, Funcom, have taken ToT Custom, an excellent character customization mod, off Steam. This is an extremely popular mod and one without which no one on my server, and MANY other RP servers, wants to even consider playing your game without. Your base game level of character customization is woefully lacking and your male stock characters are among the most hideous I’ve seen. Hence the need for ToT Custom. You are, with its removal, crippling many RP servers. Without this mod a lot of people will literally stop playing this game…and therefore stop paying for things like battlepasses and bazaar items. So I am respectfully asking that you expedite the process of getting back to this modder to let him know what rule he has potentially violated and what he needs to do to get his excellent mod back on the Steam workshop. Please and thank you.

Addendum 10-16-23:

As this thread seems now to be perpetually locked (Hey @AndyB can anything be done about that?) thanks to people acting like badly behaved children (both those railing at Funcom and making preposterous claims and those who love nothing better than a chance to be awful to RPers)…I have some more thoughts.

When I originally posted, it was because I had been told that there had been no communication between Funcom and the modder whose excellent character customization mod, Tot Custom, was pulled from the Steam Workshop at FC’s request. I did and still do feel that the modder should have been informed of the ban by Funcom at least at the time it was enacted if not before. Even if there had been earlier communications between Funcom and the modder, which there may well have been.

I have said in my original thread, no doubt lost in the flood by now, that none of us know, or are entitled to know, what specific problem or problems caused FC to ban the mod. Questions about those specifics are pointless wastes of time and space. I would implore those of you with those questions to stop it. The modder could, if he were so inclined, share the emails to him from Funcom and his responses to them. That he is choosing not to do so is probably both wise and telling. It is entirely possible that he has been told not to share those emails while there is still some hope that his mod will be reinstated. But even if he has not been given such a gag order, it would likely be foolish of him to share them now while he negotiates with Funcom over the fate not just of Tot Custom but that of his entire suite of mods upon which so many servers rely. Because if the ban remains in place on Tot Custom he will not be permitted to update and reupload any of his mods and as game updates occur those mods will stop working and server owners will be forced to abandon them.

So for those of you holding out hope that Tot Custom will be returned it is probably wise to realize that even more than that single mod is at stake here and it would be best if you either stop posting or drastically moderate your tone.

You might also stop to consider the fact that Funcom very likely does not need the modders files, source code or what-have-you to know exactly what is in them. Trust me on this, they know. And while it would be great for them to publicly say, “Hey modders, you see this specific thing? Yeah, don’t do that,” since that would probably also be exposing a means to do something they don’t want modders doing (but that they can), odds are extremely low anything like that is going to happen.

Be content that communication and negotiation is now occurring between the modder and Funcom and develop some patience. GO play other games while we wait or, y’know, engage in some actual human interaction. I hear the graphics are pretty great outside… even if the quest rewards pretty much suck.

Lastly, be kind. And if you can’t be kind… try being silent.


I agree with this post 100%. I am a server owner and player of the game, and this has been a crippling decision on the part of Steam. Please reinstate this mod. Thank you.


Not to sound melodramatic but seeing the take-down and finding out it was funcom requested, I’ll admit the thought of going back to lack-luster clobbered together solutions of the older generations was a big turn away and kinda made me consider the possibility of leaving the game after running a server for almost 4 years now. (Not a threat being realistic here and waiting to see how this whole thing ends.)

After years of silo mods none of which wanted to cooperate with eachother both Noms and Tot created something beautiful a common API that is open to be used and extended by anyone willing the Tot toolkit is borderline enterprise level solution for PC servers with quality I’ve not yet seen rivaled and down-grading from it is a hard pass especially when reason for such take-down is unknown.

Speculations are running wild what could be the cause but as it stands no cause could be identified, classical reason would be access to paid / dlc content without actually owning it but that’s not the case either, you can’t even preview a Siptah face if you don’t have Siptah let alone access Bazaar or DLC content if you haven’t bought it or unlocked it so that eliminated possibility of by-passing monetized content restrictions.
Maybe there is 3rd party (other modders) unauthorized content present in it? Again not really, it’s glorified Admin Panel (just reading values from datatables) with all custom content that was added being generated in-house by the community.

Maybe there was hateful conduct? Nope… I mean unless you think French people are rude but then we are talking about self-reflection more than a tangiable cause…

Also to OP it’s Tot* :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: It’s not just Tot Custom, Tot is a whole eco-system of tools for admins that found its beginning during 3.0 events with certain instrumental / core mods for administering server opting to declare their leave.

Even thought only Tot! Custom was removed from workshop, the author cannot upload anything right now to workshop, which means

Tot! Admin
Tot! Walk
Tot! Chat
Tot! w/e (Tons more)

Are all essentially frozen in limbo.


Putting my head in to second the post!

I won’t be playing while this mod is gone. If that’s indefinete so be it.


Having worked in the industry, I know some of those processes can take a while to figure out and work along with, yeah. That’s fine! That said, I know RP’ers are a “niche” community… But as long as Tot! Custom is blocked, that entire sub-community is baaasically sort of blocked and dead in the water, or has to use weird workarounds to keep their servers going ^^’

Again I don’t know the specifics, but if there is of course a way to fast-track that one, it would be insanely appreciated :slight_smile:


Dear Funcom Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concern and frustration regarding the recent removal of the Tot! Custom mod from the Conan Exiles Workshop. This decision has had a profoundly negative impact on the Conan Exiles RP community, which relies on this mod for an enhanced gaming experience.

I cannot help but feel that this removal is targeted, as there has been no valid justification provided for this action. The Tot! Custom mod has been an integral part of the Conan Exiles RP community, enhancing our gaming experience and allowing us to enjoy the game in a unique and personalized way. Its removal has disrupted the stability and enjoyment of our servers, leaving players frustrated and disheartened.

What adds to my suspicion is the fact that there has been a significant amount of dislike and negative feedback on other platforms, particularly from other modders. It has become clear that the Tot! Custom mod has raised the bar by offering further advanced customizations and improvements, which may have caused frustration among those who couldn’t create a product of equal quality. This sudden ban appears to have come in the wake of a spam of false complaints, which is deeply concerning.

I kindly request that Funcom Support conducts a thorough and transparent review of this situation, taking into consideration the false complaints and potential ulterior motives behind the removal of the Tot! Custom mod. It is imperative that you provide a clear explanation for this removal and, if necessary, outline the steps required to rectify any potential issues to ensure its reinstatement. The Conan Exiles RP community deserves a fair and just resolution to this matter.

I implore Funcom Support to act swiftly and diligently in addressing this issue. The continued enjoyment of the game and the stability of the Conan Exiles RP community depend on the availability of the Tot! Custom mod. I trust that Funcom values its users and their contributions to the gaming community and will act accordingly.


Saw this so thought I’d throw my voice in as well. I’m a conan vet, played since 2019 vanilla PvP and since moved onto modded, now with 3200 hours. Picked up DLC, battle pass and know alot of people who follow that same kind of journey. Playing mostly on community servers and still contributing heavily to the game. ToT is one of the most vital mods in the community right now, the majority of player hosted servers use it, especially those in the Roleplay servers. If the takedown was put up for a reasonable reason then so be it but all that the community wants is a reasonable and fair chance at clarity, especially for the ToT modder who has put heart and soul into making this mod amazing for the community and by extension bringing life into Conan Exiles as a whole. If there is something that needs to be done to fix it that is fair and I’m sure can be worked out, however that just requires communication from Funcom and a chance to patch up any bug or breach of TOS that might have been let through. Thank you for reading into this and hopefully helping the situation along. Just wanted to be another voice added.


It does kinda baffle the mind how they went about this.

In a way, Funcom are really shooting itself in the foot.

it’s no big secret the rp and building communities whale for that sweet sweet over priced marketplace goodness. And since alot us folks dont really have a reason to log in at the moment since the servers we play on be down from how they handled this.

well think of all those folks now playing other games instead of logging in and eyeing up the new marketplace content.


I second this motion. As many have voiced their concerns already, am here just to say that Tot!Custom mod has become such an integral part of the CE RP community, that by choosing to remove accessibility to this mod dilutes the experience for many of us role-players. Please, do reconsider this move. Thank you! :heartpulse:


Please return our customization tools to us, The RP community within Conan Exiles relies heavily on it to bring depth and individuality to our role-playing experiences.

On your side of things. It, as in the removal, discourages players from staying engaged with the game, and that will obviously result in reduced purchases for items they might otherwise of been interested in for their characters.


Please bring Tot! Custom back please :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Funcom, you’re being hated by the community. React quickly!


Honestly ToT Custom is one of the only reasons I still keep playing CE, it just gives us freedom in RP community to create our characters.


It’s not just RPers.
Plenty of people outside of RP community enjoy having an actually good character creation UI.

And the RP community on Conan isn’t as small as you might think. I mean, look at the top page on Workshop. Half of those are RP/esthetic mods. Including, by the way, two different character creation UI mods. So clearly the demand is there.


Hi, Funcom Support Team,

Server Owner and Player, I come to bring my total support to TOT in my turn! And beyond, to the whole community of modders who work hard to provide us with quality content, and provide us with substantial play comfort. There are many who do not count their hours to offer us a gaming experience which, alas! is far from being equaled without these small additions which however improve our Roleplay platform.

I do not know the insuffers or the ends of what led to make this ubiquitous decision. However, it would seem that it is not at all justified.

I therefore count on your benevolence to disentangle the false of the true, and so that the results of your survey give us our freedom. Since without Tot ! many private servers (therefore expensive) are blocked, preventing players from … playing!

Thank you again for what you will want to do for Tot !

Best regards.


Not to mention we buy the snot out of the bazzar items and dlc


Please put this back! It’s killing the player base!


As one of the folks that contributed artwork to Tot Custom, I’m both curious and disappointed over this decision by Funcom and would love to hear their reasoning behind the removal.


I Personally Have to Agree with this, Mod’s Like Tot are he Building Blocks for Conan and the Conan Rp Community.
Instead of Banning such Mod’s on Little Notice from what we Understand, Maybe work with the Modder’s First to avoid such Uproars.

Hell, I personally Believe Funcom could learn something from these Modder’s to Improve their Base game if they were to ever Remaster from the Ground up.

At the Very least, I believe Funcom should Make a Personal Announcement as to why they Banned Tot to Explain to the Community as a whole.


This post and the comments have said, very eloquently, what I would have said, so as a player, RPer and sometimes moderator, I will just say I support this 100%. Please bring it back, it made things so pretty and easy to manage.

Thank you.